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Nov, 2022


Nov, 2022



I Can Make You Confident by Paul McKenna will give you the motivation and confidence to feel strong in difficult situations. If you’re looking to gain stronger self belief, feel more confident in yourself and your actions, then Paul McKenna can help. This self-improvement app is designed to help you reboot your life by altering thoughts, habits and patterns related to your confidence. Over seven life-changing days, Paul will be your virtual hypnotherapist and health / motivation coach through a tailored hypnotherapy programme. I Can Make You Confident is perfect for those looking to: Improve their public speaking skills Improve self-esteem Combat social anxiety Feel confident in business, romance or more Simulate a virtual speech coach ahead of a big presentation Deliver a calming and confident presence in difficult situations FEATURES Easy to follow daily sessions with reminders. Video and Audio Sessions that you can access at any time. Innovative seven day hypnotherapy plan, presented by Paul McKenna, that will boost your confidence, improve your mindfulness and support your mental health. Interactive hypnosis programme that is tailored to you In-depth coaching and mentoring Daily objectives to keep your motivation up Personal tracking to help you monitor your self-improvement Gain more Confidence with Mindfulness. A Self-help programme that you can complete in the comfort of your own home A calm app that will help improve your mental health and make you more confident Anxiety relief will help you sleep better, reinforced with hypnotherapy that will give you the positive thoughts you need to help improve your mental health. This app will help you master your headspace and emotions so that you can live with a greater sense of ease and certainty than ever before. This app will show you how to push the “off” switch on fear and desperation, helping you create more confidence, motivation and mindfulness to make positive changes in your life. Paul McKenna, PhD. is an international best-selling author whose books have sold more than seven million copies and been translated into 32 languages. He is the number one hypnotherapist in the world, and is renowned for helping people overcome problems that usually take months to work through, in a matter of hours. Recognized by The Times of London as one of “the world’s most important modern self-help gurus.” Find out more at For support and questions please visit Do not use this app while driving or operating machinery, or if you suffer from epilepsy please consult your doctor first. Use the app when you can safely concentrate and in required situations relax completely.

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