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Developed by Octopus Cards Ltd, the all-in-one Octopus App for Business allows merchants to sign up for an Octopus Business Account, and accept Octopus card and Octopus QR Code payments via their iOS mobile devices, with easy access to the following functions: Submit Business Account Application - Merchants can complete their account applications and upload the required documents via Octopus App for Business 
Receive Instant Payment Notification - Once a payment is successful, the merchant will automatically receive a notification message on their mobile devices, with an instant update of the balance in their Business Accounts Instantly Transfer Monies Received to Bank Account with "FPS" - Octopus App for Business is now connected to Faster Payment Service (FPS), enabling shop owners to instantly transfer funds in their Business Accounts to their pre-registered bank accounts on a 24/7 basis 
 Auto Bank Transfer - The shop owner can set up the “Auto Bank Transfer” to automatically transfer all the balance in the Business Account to the pre-registered bank account, on a monthly, weekly or daily basis 
Generate Octopus QR Code to Receive Payment - Merchants can generate QR Codes (with or without the transaction amount embedded) for customers to scan and pay for goods and services View Payment History - Merchants can easily check transaction records and summaries, and export reports through email 
Switch between Cashier Mode and Shop Owner Mode - Cashier Mode receives real-time notification messages and supports enquiries regarding transaction record - Shop Owner Mode supports additional features regarding management of the Business Account, including add and remove cashier, POS and shop management, transfer balance to bank account, etc. 
For further details of Octopus App for Business, please visit 
Licence Number: SVF0001

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