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Oct, 2022


Oct, 2022



WEATHERTRACK Amazing Weather Details at your Fingertips. Worldwide. "An incredibly comprehensive weather app - it accesses many data models from different agencies and provides worldwide coverage. The GRIB layers include wind, precipitation, wave height/direction/period, ocean and tidal currents, air and sea temps, relative humidity and more. WeatherTrack works offline, and GRIB files can be downloaded through an SSB connection, an Iridium AxcessPoint or as an email attachment and opened in the app." (App of the month! in Cruisingworld) (at a glance) Official partner in the AMERICA's CUP TEAM ARTEMIS (2013) Forecasts for Professionals and Amateurs... "Great Tool - I hardly use my SSB radio for weather information any more. Whenever I can pick up Internet via mobile phone, WeatherTrack is much simpler and provides everything that I want." Everything you could ever want in one app: +++ GRIB VIEWER FEATURES in DETAIL: Select area of interest and get detailed GRIB data. View online/offline, point forecast or meteogram (graph). Weather types (GRIB layers): + Wind (10 m above MSL) + Gusts + CAPE + Precipitation (rain/snow) + Dew point + Cloud Cover + Waves Height/Direction/Period + Ocean current (RTOFS) + Barometric Pressure,Highs (H)/Lows (L) + Air-/Sea Temperature, Temp. at 500 mb + Relative Humidity, Geopot.Height at 500 mb Forecasts: + Worldwide Coverage + Forecasts up to 16 days (depending on data model) + Data models:GFS, COAMPS, NAVGEM; current: RTOFS; waves:WW3, WAM85, FNMOC-WW3/FNMOC-MED/FNMOC-EQAM + Resolution: 0.05°, 0.5°, 1°, 2°, 2.5° (dep.on data model) + Forecast interval: from 15 min up to 24hr (dep.on data model) + Updated every 6 hr (GFS) Map: + Offline, high res vector map. Use it offshore or in the mountains. + Zoom in - to 0.001° (111 m /121 yd) - (for very high res GRIB files) + Customizable + Online map (satellite/hybrid/map view) Specials: + Works easily with low bandwith + User friendly + Meteogram, dynamic, displays any layer + Open GRIB files from Email/Browser, 3rd party + Share (Twitter, Facebook, email) + City/Airport Search + Magnifier + In-app guide (offline) + Animation - watch & share + Import/export GRIB files to and from your PC + GRIB via Iridium access point +++ ROUTE WEATHER helps you plan your trip well (In-App purchase). (at a glance) + Create your own route. Import/Export to and from other apps (e.g. Dropbox). + Edit waypoints: name, lat/long, duration to next waypoint, (estimated) speed, fuel + Select wind mode: true, relative, apparent + Route Meteogram + Share complete route files by email and open in apps (e.g. Dropbox). + Online map. Display route in satellite/hybrid/map view. +++ GRIB Robot (subscription**) Makes the retrieval of GRIB files over satellite connections easy. +++Tidetech (subscription**) Worldwide hi res Ocean/tidal current +++ GLOBAl-LOCAL Satellite View + Fascinating view from space. + Worldwide clouds updated every 3 hours + Anywhere detailed Point Forecasts on your finger tip, not only for two million locations + World Clock, analog/digital +++ WEATHER ONLINE Selected online resources + Satellite + Radar + Fax + Aviation weather (partly) + Surface analysis + Snow precipitation and more. **SUBSCRIPTIONS AUTOMATICALLY RENEW unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before end of current period. Tidetech Price: USD $7.99/mo, $34.99/6 mo, $46.99/12 mo GRIB Robot Price: USD $2.99/7d, $5.99/mo, $15.99/3 mo, $28.99/6mo Your iTunes account will automatically be charged at the same price for renewal within 24-hours prior to end of current period unless you change your subscription preferences in your account settings. More: WeatherTrack, the Swiss Army Knife for Weather Enthusiasts! One app - many tools

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