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Nov, 2022


Nov, 2022



Use the Amazon Alexa app to manage Alexa-enabled devices, control music playback, view shopping lists on the go, keep track of upcoming reminders, check on active timers and much more. When you enable hands free with Alexa, you can talk to Alexa by simply saying “Alexa” when the app is on your screen. The more you use Alexa, the more she adapts to your voice, vocabulary and personal preferences. DISCOVER MORE • Get more out of your Echo device through personalized feature recommendations from Alexa • Discover and enable recommended Alexa skills • Pick up where you left off directly from the home feed with lists, shopping, or recently played Music and Books MANAGE YOUR DEVICES • Set up your Alexa-enabled devices, control or check status of your compatible smart lights, locks and thermostats at home or on the go • Create routines to automate your smart home devices MUSIC & BOOKS • Connect to music services like Amazon Music, Pandora, Spotify, TuneIn, and iHeartRadio. Choose a song or playlist and listen on your Alexa-enabled devices • Create speaker groups to play music across your compatible Echo devices for multi-room music ORGANISE YOUR DAY • View and edit shopping and to-do lists on the go, get weather and news updates, manage timers and alarms, and more STAY CONNECTED • Use Drop In from your app to connect instantly with your compatible Echo devices, like a two-way intercom • Call or message supported Alexa-enabled devices, at no additional cost By using this app, you agree to Amazon’s Conditions of Use ( and all of the terms found here ( Please see our Privacy Notice (

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iOS 16 Bug - Not being fixed for long
TheKiranKaran on 2022-12-01
There is a bug in Alexa App with iOS 16 which is not being fixed for a long period now. Worse thing is that it is not being communicated with users that there is a bug and they are working it or not. Have contacted support team and they confirmed that it is a known bug. Bug details: Users cannot see devices under "Devices" menu/tab. This is super annoying when users want to manage their devices. The only workaround is to launch Alexa settings through a browser.
App not opening on 14 pro max
Hiten Soni on 2022-12-01
I m trying to go to app page and devices and it doesn't want to do to that page and show anything Just a white blank page / stuck layout doesn't do anything. What kinda app is this? How abt some proper testing on devices and testing? Removed app and reinstall didn't work either Least optimized even for some of the latest devices. Very very buggy Not not able to setup my alexa devices I have Wasted time and money for now..
Extremely buggy app
abhi081191 on 2022-12-01
The app is super buggy and doesn't get out of the setup mode. Even reinstalling the app doesn't help. I am unable to add devices to the app and even after I add them from skills, I'm unable to see or control them. Limits the abilities of the echo a lot...
App is buggy
asdfgjkkiiyrffcvjkesc on 2022-12-01
I am not able to open the devices section in the app and inspite of calling and complaining multiple times it is still not fixed. It makes it almost impossible to use the device. Extremely disappointed.
Worst app developed by Amazon
Alexa.95 on 2022-12-01
This app seems like that it has developed by an amateur, worst app i have ever used and even they are not optimising it. Fed up with app. I regret my decision to buy Alexa.
Unable to Dropin
srinkuna on 2022-12-01
Unable to Dropin on my echo devices …once I click the communication tab, in Alexa app, everytime set up iniates and I have to go through the entire setup process again.
Nothing shows up in devices tab
Anuj001 on 2022-12-01
When you click on the devices tab, it keeps on loading. I have uninstalled the app and reinstalled it. Still it keeps on loading. Can’t see my Alexa devices.
Wipro smarthome skill
Ven_ug on 2022-12-01
The wipro smart home skill is not working. Unable the activate the skill. It seems to be a common problem as per internet searches. You didn’t seem to care
App Fixes
shivamfd on 2022-12-01
You need to fix the app. It dosent works as expected. Camera dosent works sometimes, calling feature doesn’t works. Adding another device is a total fight.
Very poor app
shree kishan on 2022-12-01
Not very easy to conncet with alexa devices very poor performance in searching and very much making confusion and taking long time aap

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