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Download the highest-rated travel app and join thousands of people finding hotel, motel and holiday home travel deals. Find a stay for your holiday, weekend getaway or business trip, anywhere in the world! Search for hotels, motels & holiday homes • 27 million hotels, holiday rentals, homes, apartments and other unique places to stay • Search by city, attraction, landmark or hotel name with just one tap • Filter by price, review score, amenities and other things important to you • Find your last-minute stay or book far in advance Find a great travel deal • Daily deals for every budget • Free cancellation on most rooms • Browse over 135 million verified guest reviews Manage your booking on the go • Get paperless confirmation • Make changes whenever, wherever • 24/7 customer service in more than 40 languages • Contact your host, view check-in times and write reviews • No booking or credit card fees

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This App is a scam and people be aware of them
Anshu557 on 2023-02-04
I have been using this App since many years I guess from times they were growing up. As a customer who have been witness to there growth can surely tell you they have become nothing less than thieves who are in constant search of opportunity to steal from you. I booked a room from this APP in a 5 star property and wanted to extend my third night stay, due to the glitch in there technical side my booking was created on next posible date since hotel was fully sold in that day without my consent. I informed the customer care within minutes about there glitch and to that they apologise and promised to refund . Till date no refund irrespective of my repeated calls . I have been robed of more than 11k So guys stay away and approach directly to property and not these third party scammers. Save yourself the agony and disrespect.
Bad stay experience
Varanasi Bodhi hotel customer on 2023-02-04
Worst hotel booking app. Had booked a hotel for 2 days, but had to modify the booking as we stayed only for a day. The property did not let us leave the vicinity without paying the full amount for 2 days. When we spoke to the customer care they said that u can pay the amount to the hotel and they would take care of it and refund the amount. But after repeated mails and calls, they keep saying that the hotel has declined the refund and has not refunded the amount till now even after a month of the incident. Such irresponsible and negligence shown by Please do not book from this app as they they only take your money and your entire trip will be ruined.
The worst app ever
Beenasharma on 2023-02-04
I had booked two tickets from Guwahati to Bangalore and I canceled it after few days of booking it When I called to ask about the refund within 24 hrs they told the cancellation charges were Rs.3500 each And I cancelled after few days I was said the refund will come within a week or two or maximum a month now it’s more then a month but I haven’t got my money back I have send several mails to them and in return they just write back saying when the airline refunds we will pay you back. The last email I got was due to current situation the airline has not paid back What current situation ? it’s been more then a month when am I getting a refund?
Fraud website
don't go on on 2023-02-04 has played unfair practice in our case.They duped us by not giving the room which I booked. I paid price of Queen Suit and got cottage room. I wasted my whole day searching room for my stay. I payed higher prices due to current booking in peak season for rest of stay period. I payed for transport for another shifting. My holiday period got wasted in this unnecessary situation created by and hotel. Metal hardship which me and my family undergone can nor be explained.
Great Hospitality & Linh is amazing
Surbhi Kanswa on 2023-02-04
We stayed here for 3 days and 2 nights. The hotel is extremely cozy, very spacious and super comfortable. Moreover, the owner Linh & her staff are fabulous. Their hospitality is brilliant. They are super warm and accommodative to all the requests we had. Since we are vegetarians, Linh made us special vegetarian breakfast (pho & pancakes) all the days. We even did some amazing cooking together. It is a must stay here! If you are Hoi An, experience this brilliant service .
Very nice and easy to use app
RachanaRS.rsr on 2023-02-04
I love this app clearly better than other similar ones due to ease of use and ability to see properties on the map. The filters work great as well. I love the most that the app (even the website) shows details as per your selection of number of guests (once inside the resort / hotel page view) - other competitive apps usually just give out a list of room options and then you have to scroll down to find your match - which becomes tedious.
Good, can be better
BrowsingLife on 2023-02-04
Filters and map view doesn’t work as expected Example: limit price but still shows property beyond limit With a set filter if you move to map view the filter resets automatically Even if you search for n number of rooms it shows properties with dormitories and tents . There should be way to filter unwanted noise We want 3 rooms it showed results with 3 single tent 1 double room and 1 single king room. That’s absolutely not required
Worst app with zero customer support
Anshuman Thakur100 on 2023-02-04
I had booked an room and when i reached the property the manager told me that its already occupied . I called customer care and then they told me that they will help me with it and provide a nearby accommodation but after an hour or so they started to cut my calls and left me stranded in the middle . It was a total nightmare !! Customer support is useless. Not suitable at all for indian locations !!
김 탄와 on 2023-02-04
호텔 CASA HUMANA는 매우 편안한 인테리어와 따뜻한 환대가 있는 매우 친환경적인 테라스로 놀라울 정도로 아름답다. 편안하고 편안하게 쉴 수 있는 아름다운 장소. 나는 그곳에 머무는 동안 좋은 경험을 했다. 그 방들은 우리의 요구를 충족시킬 수 있는 모든 시설들로 매우 고급스럽다. 그곳에서 제공되는 음식은 매우 맛있다. 또한 매우 만족스러운 경영진에 대해서도 언급하는 것을 잊지 마십시오. 전체적으로 나는 그곳에서 매우 좋은 시간을 보냈고 반드시 그곳을 다시 방문하고 싶다. 그리고 Safder sir는 매우 친절한 사람이다. 다음에는 가족들과 함께 방문할 것이다.
Amazing Stay with luxury camps
9352243063 on 2023-02-04
We are travelling to Rajasthan for couple of week we have only one night stay at the game we get personally it visual jeep with Thar desert it was a great experience a great night stargazing it was also nice and Mr Khan he is the team doing great we really required this place

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