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Jan, 2020


Jan, 2020



Your newest addiction comes in 3D! Very easy to play, too hard to master Do not touch other Colors, that is it! 100+ Levels of limitless fun!

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Game in ads
Stawan on 2020-02-20
Forced ads every 10 -15 secinds or so. Minimum 1 ad for everytime you die, or even dont die and complete level. Not very challenging. Good graphics though.
Absolutely nothing but adds!!
Zaqmi on 2020-02-20
While the game looks oki, it’s annoying to see ads every 10 seconds and at the click of every button!
I like the game
veditha bs on 2020-02-20
It is also very nice
leslie jiss kalathil paramoil on 2020-02-20
Ads are annoying

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