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Jul, 2020


Jul, 2020



Free Fire is the ultimate survival shooter game available on mobile. Each 10-minute game places you on a remote island where you are pit against 49 other players, all seeking survival. Players freely choose their starting point with their parachute, and aim to stay in the safe zone for as long as possible. Drive vehicles to explore the vast map, hide in trenches, or become invisible by proning under grass. Ambush, snipe, survive, there is only one goal: to survive and answer the call of duty. [Survival shooter in its original form] Search for weapons, stay in the play zone, loot your enemies and become the last man standing. Along the way, go for legendary airdrops while avoiding airstrikes to gain that little edge against other players. [10 minutes, 50 players, epic survival goodness awaits] Fast and Lite gameplay - Within 10 minutes, a new survivor will emerge. Will you go beyond the call of duty and be the one under the shining lite? [4-man squad, with in-game voice chat] Create squads of up to 4 players and establish communication with your squad at the very first moment. Answer the call of duty and lead your friends to victory and be the last team standing at the apex. [Clash Squad] Fast paced 4v4 game mode is now open 24/7! Manage your economy, purchase weapons, and defeat the enemy squad! [Realistic and smooth graphics] Easy to use controls and smooth graphics promises the best survival experience you will find on mobile to help you immortalize your name among the legends. [Contact us] Customer Service:

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Ohm Prakash
ohm2003 on 2020-08-12
I am very angry today because I lost many diamonds in obtaining gloo wall skin and emote the event which u have given recently.. I will be quite happy if u had give them on spending my amount on diamonds but u didn’t give it. But what u did is u gave an emote which I already had and cheated me .. i don’t know why u do this but I had lost all my diamonds and my money.. but got nothing. It’s very bad on your part to do this.. So please try to send me a legendary emote and a gloowall skin as soon as possible or otherwise I will stop spending money on ur game.... Thank you..
Ping issue
aadishwar aadinath on 2020-08-12
I have been playing free fire for a long time , but in the past few days , there has been a bad ping , even though my WiFi is fast it shows a ping of 300-600 , and I am not able to play properly . During my important custom matches my ping simply increases and I am not able to buy guns , put gloo wall on time etc . Before there was no such problem . I hope you would understand my situation and help my ping problem .
Skill or skin?
LAZYGUN_GAMING on 2020-08-12
The truth about this game is this is not a skill based game it’s a skin based game... with their aim assist and over powered skins even blind can take down a skilled player.. I used to love this game..when I re downloaded it I didn’t know the developers turn out to be this much greedy for’s not for me..I don’t know about others
Why am I prohibited from csr twice
Sathiesh Subramanian on 2020-08-12
I was having a network issue lately so i was afk for a few games so i am prohibited i totaly take that is my problem. But now i have played csr and again i am prohibited why u ask. I have prohibited now because the game ai thinks that i have been afk. I thnk this happen daily so pls fix this issue
Free fire
sirtaj sidhu on 2020-08-12
Its a very nice game my siblings also plays this game with and it’s very interesting and advantageous but Program is that it doesn’t work without updates u just do a update that it works without update I know that’s its important but you please do that. All over its very nice game. Keep it up
Top up
ARYAN NAYAK on 2020-08-12
Garena I am a very old player I have been playing from 1yr and I tried to do top up cause everything’s mostly in diamond so after I did top up I didn’t get the diamonds and it’s showing speed Royale in the map settings and I not able to I’d is Leo14003126l please fix the issue fat
Best game ever read it all
heenayadid on 2020-08-12
Dear saeedallsami u are very lucky u get to top up my parents done even allow me to top up the things I have in my acc are all noob but u would have a lot of great characters and bundles so from this I wanted to say top up is not necessary u can even play the game without top
DHARMIK___140 on 2020-08-12
Hey garena I am old player of your gameAnd I love Thish game from bottom of my heart and I am spending my 3/4 time to play the wondurful on game but I have 1 promblem I am a student so I not do top up so plz help me for 599 diamond plz free fire I am requesting
Super game
KING(COBRA)5 on 2020-08-12
Please pink diamond extend. Up to 25 aug please because I known pink diamonds before week again I read news. Pink diamonds up to 12 aug only I have only 200 diamonds pink I waanna earn up to 500 pink diamonds please extend
Excellent game
fan absgs on 2020-08-12
Sir, I liked your game and I am playing your game since 1 year. Please sir please I am a small child (18-) I am of only 10 years. Please sir give me some diamonds. My uid is 1773704926. Please sir Thanks.

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