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Aug, 2020


Aug, 2020



Free Fire is the ultimate survival shooter game available on mobile. Each 10-minute game places you on a remote island where you are pit against 49 other players, all seeking survival. Players freely choose their starting point with their parachute, and aim to stay in the safe zone for as long as possible. Drive vehicles to explore the vast map, hide in wild, or become invisible by proning under grass or rifts. Ambush, snipe, survive, there is only one goal: to survive and answer the call of duty. [Survival shooter in its original form] Search for weapons, stay in the play zone, loot your enemies and become the last man standing. Along the way, go for legendary airdrops while avoiding airstrikes to gain that little edge against other players. [10 minutes, 50 players, epic survival goodness awaits] Fast and Lite gameplay - Within 10 minutes, a new survivor will emerge. Will you go beyond the call of duty and be the one under the shining lite? [4-man squad, with in-game voice chat] Create squads of up to 4 players and establish communication with your squad at the very first moment. Answer the call of duty and lead your friends to victory and be the last team standing at the apex. [Clash Squad] Fast paced 4v4 game mode is now open 24/7! Manage your economy, purchase weapons, and defeat the enemy squad! [Realistic and smooth graphics] Easy to use controls and smooth graphics promises the best survival experience you will find on mobile to help you immortalize your name among the legends. [Contact us] Customer Service:

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Worst mind game
501905612 on 2020-09-29
Free fire is one of the most ass games I can’t even describe it in words It takes lots of money and gives very powerful items for free such as falco ,an94 skin,AK justice fighter etc. And because of falco many of the rank pushers are suffering a lot of problem and getting irritated to get killed by a noob player who is silver or gold. Not just one match every match is going on like this. They give powerful items for free and doesn’t give discount for elite pass . Free fire gives value for a rare item and doesn’t even care about powerful weapon skins. And all these problems will affect a future of every single child . The children,they don’t know anything and they spend money on this stupid stuff. No matter how much they spends they will be killed by a noob soon after Landing due to that fact all other players already land down and get nice loot. Free fire is just doing this to only our country’s server . Other all servers get nice events and every player can play equally. But in our server they do a lot of injustice So plz stop playing this game and try others Don’t dare to install this game , ur future will be spoiled if u start playing ( only this game) Thank u
I don’t like this game. It’s very harmful to children.
Advocate Ayaz Khan on 2020-09-29
My child whole day playing this stupid game and not studying. After playing this game his attitude change suddenly with anger he never talk Good with any one only cause of this game.My son each and every time demanding money for topup and to purchase weapons from gareena. This game not teaching any lesson to players but teaches how to fight. It’s totally wrong. It’s creat nussance and much bad thinks. Cause of this game thinking power of children’s also came down. There future came to an end only because of this game. Please suggest how to permanently I delete this game from my child’s phone. Or please stop and permanently remove this game from play store to save the lives of children and there future.
Elite pass discount
Shivraj Jadeja on 2020-09-29
Dear Garena, you don’t know but our Indian server contractor had not given us the elite pass in any discount event. Pls do something Garena pls see YouTube it’s all over there, only Indian server hadn’t got elite pass in mystery shop or in discount wheel or in any event only Indian server hadn’t got elite pass in any discount event pls do something Garena plsss the elite pass days are only 5 days now pls Garena we hope you will do something. - Indian Free Fire Lovers
Good Job
Garena on 2020-09-29
I used to play this game for more than a year. The game is awesome and keeps addicted playing. Recently I had a problem that my rewards claimed in Booyah! app was not received in FF. Then I contacted customer care regarding the issue. To my surprise the rewards were claimed within 3 hrs of my complain. They proved their care for the customers. Good job Garena.......
Money loot app
zomato1never on 2020-09-29
I have recharged the weekly subscription . After one week again amount has been deducted but I didn’t receive the diamonds. I have raise the ticket at both side garena and apple. Nothing helped. This app just loot diamonds by giving different events id you dont buy diamonds you are noob because tou dont have good gun skins. Dont waste your money , feed poor instead.
Only updates no fixes
Brig ramakrishnan on 2020-09-29
I have been playing this game for 1.5 years and now it is trash only updates and Collabs there is no good updates in Indian server all the servers around the world have the elite pass discounted only in the Indian server they don’t give it discounted they don’t listen to the people from Indian server iske rating ka karo.
Getting charged twice
saahiltag84 on 2020-09-29
Hi , few times happened. And in my last purchase happened again. Charged twice. I bought for 1599rs and I got charged 1599&1477rs. This is not first time. Happen almost all the time I buy. Once u even told me that I was wrong. The last purchase pls check. I will complain to Apple to My phone : iPhone. iOS.
Pls give diamonds free fire
sid29515bs on 2020-09-29
There is no lag it is awesome game best game I have ever played I rate it five star but one problem I can’t have diamonds When I click on ₹9 one it does not come So Free Fire pls give me 1000 diamonds on next update pls pls Free fire .......My ID 998578545 pls give to this ID Free Fire Pls
Mast game baba AK nambar
sgivam on 2020-09-29
Or kya batu bhai din bhar game khelta rahasya hu papa ji bhi lat marte hey ki kuch kaam kar liya kar na lekin mey kuch nahi kar ta kya karu bhai game khelte rahta hu or top aap karvaney key bhi pesy Nahi hey mey kya karu bhai jis ko mere oupar daya aati ho pesy dey do bhai mey top aap karva lu
yaseengaming on 2020-09-29
#Elitepass on discount And y are giving free Titan scar to every big YouTubers and give some kind support to all of us give Titan scar free my uid 841047687 u will be my biggest person ever plz gift me I am big fan of and I support you every time I don’t have collection but I play well

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