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Jun, 2020


Jun, 2020



Google Duo is the highest quality video calling app*. It’s simple, reliable, works on smartphones and iPad and on the web. Features: Works Cross-Platform Duo works on iPhone, iPad, web and other mobile platforms so that you can call and hangout with friends and family using just one app. Group Calling Bring together all the people who matter the most, even when you're apart, with group calling. Duo now supports up to 12 people in a group video call. Video and Voice messages, photos and more Short on time or your friends can’t pick up? Leave a personalised video message with fun effects or share voice messages, photos, notes and emojis. Low-light mode Duo lets you make video calls even in poor lighting conditions. Voice calling Make voice-only calls to your friends when you can’t chat over video. *Based on Signals Research Group technical study comparing video degradation time over 3G, LTE and Wi-Fi. **Data charges may apply. Check your operator for details.

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Nishu8818 on 2020-07-02
Yesterday evening i started google duo in order to connect with my old frends.. when i contacted one of my frend the call was going ok untill i tried to flip that cemera to the back and then the problem started.. everyting become blur and i started hiring noices from my phone.. i turned it of and switch to whatsapp nd insta thought that there might be a problem on my phone but in whatsapp nd insta it worked totally perfect.. its shame that google is facing such a problem..
Dguhbs on 2020-07-02
Found a bug on duo and same was reported by many of my friends after ending a call on duo and getting on a video call on other application (Whatsapp,..) the conversation have been heard on other application even if I have cancelled the call and close the app, Is not like they can hear my side of the conversation but they can hear other side’s conversation as well And even after uninstalling the google duo application I’m still showing online and on call in the group.
Issue in latest version !!!
cbjadhav on 2020-07-02
Hi, I can see only 3-4 active participants in video call. For rest of the user it’s showing “video paused” even though their video streaming is ongoing/live. I wasn’t facing this issue for previous version and able to watch/talk simultaneously to 10+ participants. Could you please check this issue and fix in your next release?
I think google is easily hack able
RD_Dinesh on 2020-07-02
On this day google duo makes a video call to my friend without my permission. My iPad is on the bed I’m on the table later I found duo video call is on then I check the call history a call was send to my friend but I didn’t use the device on that time
Complicated questions at starting.
BFFS1564. on 2020-07-02
What is this? Today I have downloaded this app.I am a fourth grader but the words and sentences you use look like something that grown-ups will understand.This is certainly not right.I kindly request you all to send simple statements.
Kar393 on 2020-07-02
Currently there is no specific way to know the person is busy on another call while you are trying to make a Video call apart from the application saying “The person is unavailable to take the call. So plz include this feature...
Group framing bad
Sar 1733 on 2020-07-02
When having more than 5 members, 5 th, 6, pics are getting very small size in my iPhone. All member video frame size must be equal and they should not get jumbled from top to bottom vice versa.
Unable to make group call
S C Halder on 2020-07-02
I’m unable to join ongoing group call or getting the caller tune for joining, although it’s working fine for one to one call. All these happening after last update. I am using iPhone 6.
Not satisfied
shakeena rizvi on 2020-07-02
The app is misbehaving I can’t se the note icon for a particular contact and when I m doing voice calling the other person is picking n still ring is going from this side..
Nice but a doubt
Harry. on 2020-07-02
I love the app it’s a great alternative for FaceTime. Knowing the history of Google with communication apps, it got me thinking if this app gets killed in the near future

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