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Jul, 2020


Jul, 2020



Township is a unique blend of city building and farming! Build your dream town! Harvest crops, process them at your facilities, and sell goods to develop your town. Trade with distant islands. Open restaurants, cinemas and other community buildings to give life in your town special flavor. Explore the mine to get resources and find ancient artifacts. Run your own zoo and collect animals from around the world. Are you ready to build your dream? Let’s get started! Township features: ● Different buildings and decorations you can use to create your dream town ● Various crops to grow and later process at your factories ● Fun, charismatic townspeople with orders you need to fill ● Your town's mine packed with ancient artifacts to discover and collect ● Exotic goods brought from the islands ● A zoo to build where you can even breed animals ● Famous landmarks you can use to decorate your town, like the Statue of Liberty, Big Ben, and many more! ● Play with your Facebook and Game Center friends or make new friends in the game community! Township is free to play, though some in-game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this option, simply turn it off in your device's "Restrictions" menu. *You need an internet connection to play the game and enable social interaction, competitions, and other features.* Enjoying Township? Learn more about the game! Facebook: Twitter: Questions? Contact our Tech Support at [email protected] Terms of Use: Privacy Policy:

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Disappointed and disillusioned!!
Jinx-em on 2020-08-14
I used to love Township and have not missed a day since I started 187-188 days back. I used to be a defender when ppl whined about playrix and it’s cash guzzling. I even went through the torture of ROC with good humour. But stopping the cash splash event was a low blow even I could not digest! They said technical issues but we all know there were no such issues .. it was only too many ppl getting 1000 tc too fast .. but that was your shortcoming .. so many ppl lost so much coins and material to make it happen. i was on my last stage 35% done which means in next hour I would have made the 1000 TC. If they start the game from the point they stopped I am sure everyone will be ready to play and earn righteously. We were making every effort ..! Pulling out the game was not our choice it was theirs !! Not because of so called technical issues because no one faced any with Cash splash. They pulled it because they realized quite a few ppl had got 1000 TC and their revenues may suffer in the coming months. Unfortunately that was such a myopic view !! Because in saving a few they offended so many. Disgruntled and disillusioned customers are never good business!
Zakiya Hayat Khan ... on 2020-08-14
Township is the bestest game ever!!!! But yes ofcrse i say it’s not a game dude it’s a best friend like you can spend your full day with Township and really I enjoyed Township very much it’s like a part of my life and my town’s name is Sofiya’s world like it’s my world in which my rules are followed and my own co op also so i make lots of friends there so i love Township it’s my partner i can say yeah it’s a paradise which is decorated by mee by my idea i can manage everything here with my moods i have shortage of words to explain the gudness of Township literally I love Township ❤️❤️❤️...........I most enjoyed when any event or tournaments are going how many I type it less i think so lastly i say everyone should play Township because it’s like your friend when you have started playing this ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ lots of love to Township
New update is the worst experience
Racket lord on 2020-08-14
I downloaded the new update with the event need for seeds at first it ran very smoothly later it stopped working I was not able to earn event points as I couldn’t play the event when I tried to play the screen appears blank also I was not able to restore purchases the support system gives me those suggestions that I already knew I rated this game 3 for improving its previous problems.
Event issue
[email protected] on 2020-08-14
I love the game and started playing quite a long but just now I ended up with an issue. There was event and i tapped to start playing it. But when I clicked there was a black screen and then the game disappeared and I had to again restart it . I tried many times but it didn’t work. Pls kindly help. I would give 5star if problem solved. Regards
Wow amazing game !
canthiri on 2020-08-14
Hello every one this game is awesome and I reached town level twenty two also the events are awesome and the tasks they give are just unbelievable but be safe after every time you play you has to clean up mobile or else the game will stuck always and mobile is going to become slow thank you guys
not getting add game
sindhu town on 2020-08-14
so when i started this game just for 2 days i played that aad game but later it vanished.Are u trying to fool me immediately i want add game to earn green money and even iam not getting submarine gift too what’s going on in township i have to know it right now
(NP) on 2020-08-14
Pathetic tech support as no one gives a solution and only keep re asking the problem. Response time is abysmal and unheard of. Ridiculous. What good is a game if it keeps crashing and hanging and the only way to play is keep reloading. Sad..........
jay goga ram on 2020-08-14
Hey We I open game that time on notice come notice say you switched to an earlier version of the game you lost buildings and items introduced in later versions. Kindly sole problem as soon as possible and back up my old datas
Zeppelin197758298 on 2020-08-14
In Township you can build houses,factories,cow sheds,chicken coops,malls,etc.You can plant wheat,corn,carrot,cotton plants and much more.This game is so fun that my parents and me love it so I would recommend this game a lot
Awesome game
Arshi3108 on 2020-08-14
This is just awesome....i am playing it from a long time really happy with the new updates and ROC and especially regatta is one of my fav and all the events....omg there’s alot more to this game...very good guys keep it up

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