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Sep, 2020



Download Wish for free & browse through millions of affordable products. FEATURING: -Faster delivery in the EU with Wish Express -Secure payments using credit card, Paypal, or Apple Pay -English customer service -Easy refunds -Unique items -1,000s of sales ABOUT WISH Wish is the largest mobile-shopping app in the world. We have over 500 million users in the UK, Europe and across the globe. On Wish, you can add up discounts, discover unique products, and find any item for 60-90% less than in retail stores. SATISFIED BUYER GUARANTEE Worried about shipping & quality? Our customer service is easy to contact and will help you get a refund if your order is not delivered or if the product does not correspond with the description. FASTER SHIPPING IN THE UK We now offer Wish Express items, which arrive within 10-14 days at your door. 60-90% OFF MILLIONS OF PRODUCTS Find discounts on popular fashion, women’s clothing, men’s clothing, kids toys, baby items, shoes, electronics, telephone cases, kitchen tools, home goods, beauty, jewelry, watches, bags, accessories, and more. WISH and the W logo are trademarks of ContextLogic Inc., registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and in other countries. All rights reserved.

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Don’t Shop here
Spicy SpideR on 2020-10-28
Its the worst app any one will ever encounter. They are frauds and scammers. They take away your money and don’t deliver anything. Worst experience ever in my life. If you don’t trust me, google it. They don’t have any customer support, only chat bots reply or even if you some how get in touch with any agent (only if you’re lucky) they do the same work as a chat bot does, parroting. If by mistake anyone places an order and tries to cancel it within first few minutes, he/she is probably never gonna receive any refund. I my self placed two orders out of them one was by mistake, its been over a month i have not received my refund nor the product that was supposed to be delivered. Customer support never replies to any of my messages. I confirmed from my reliable sources that the one order that was suppose to reach me is being delayed intentionally as i made complaints about late delivery. This and many other sisters companies of Wish like Home, Geek, etc.. run business under bad faith and have plenty of court cases against them. Trust me these people are fraud. FOR WISH, YOU CAN GO AHEAD AND PAY AS MUCH AS YOU WANT TO APP STORE AND PLAY STORE TO GET MY REVIEWS AND COMMENTS DELETED. BUT YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO STOP ME FROM TELLING THE TRUTH ABOUT YOUR FIRM TO EVERYONE.
Trusted and Fulfilled...
Sumit 9810 on 2020-10-28
Hello, this is a good platform to get the goods whatever you wish, although there is a big difference between the delivery date and delivered. I.e. I ordered a product in August and delivery date was October but I got it in September. There is no fix date to deliver the product but one thing is sure that you will definitely get the product... Thanks to sellers and Wish team to get it done by smoothly... One more important thing which is most important and I liked it very much, if you are not satisfied with any product they refund you immediately as well as in wish wallet or in your account through which you made payment and this thing made them very very generous... I ordered more than 50 products on last 6 months and got delivered around 40 so far and rest of them are on the way... And the issue with products was with only two rest are same as I ordered... Cheers...
Take for a ride!!!
SaMe07 on 2020-10-28
This is just a scam and nothing more. They will give you great discounts and charge shipping as per the norm while placing the order and you will think that is it. Amazing price and hopefully good product. BUT no no no you want your product. You have to pay shipping at a very high rate for each package even if it is coming togeather. Customer taken for a ride. Now you want to return the product pay the damn price again. Got sucked in ordering once lesson learnt. Never again
Poor delivery & Shipping charges
Toral Mehta on 2020-10-28
It was the worst experience. I placed my order on 23th of August and received my delivery on 10th October. Worst is yet to face, I had already made delivery/ shipping charges. I have been receiving the courier via Qatar Post and they are charging me $10 approx for each item. That’s not even the worth the cost of the product. I want my refund back to my payment mode and not on the wallet. As I don’t wanna shop ever with wish.
Spicy SpideR on 2020-10-28
This app is a real fraud. I purchased few things, they charged me double for shipping and now I can’t even cancel it and my order will arrive after 1 year. There is no customer support, only chat bot available. Its Really a fake app. Instead of banning Apps like Tiktok they should ban wish.
Worst experience on 2020-10-28
Ordered an item 5 months ago , still didn’t received it , it was no useless contacting them through mail . One item got delivered and I had to pay double the amount of item ,as delivery charge , even though I paid delivery charge while ordering. Never order anything from this !!!!!!
Fake website.. its scam
Mumtaaaz on 2020-10-28
I have ordered from this site last 3 years back.. odered 6 items and paid the amount also but till now never received my order nor amount. I have paid through my card still not received, i suggest don’t make fool.. its a scam. Fake site
Worst app ever used.
Nikita Daniel on 2020-10-28
The estimated delivery of my order was of a week when I ordered it, but later it becomes to 3 months! Why would I have ordered a product if I had to wait for 3 freaking months for it arrive!!! Worst worst worst app ever used!
Thank you very much
madhusudan jati on 2020-10-28
Thank you

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