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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



zenly is the social app that maps your world :) build your very own map of the world, with the people and places that make it uniquely yours!! join the 10s of millions of people already using zenly to: KNOW WHAT YOUR FRIENDS ARE UP TO see their real-time location, if they’re at home, work, or school. see how fast they’re going if they’re on the move, or how long they’ve been pitched up at the coffee shop. check if their phone is running out of battery or if they’re charging up for the party tonight SEE YOUR WORLD zenly shows a live map of your world. see where your friends are, who’s hanging out, and keep tabs on all the places you go. share your real-time location with your people without draining battery. plus, go somewhere new and it will uncover on your map, like your own virtual scratch map CREATE CHAOS IN YOUR CONVOS bring chaos to your heartfelt 1:1s and your group chats. send voice notes with automatic transcription. say how you really feel with secret emoji combos and text-sizing. send a what’s up to a friend to see a photo or video of what they’re up to right now (ie vibe check the party before making tracks) ADD YOUR PLACES zenly automatically detects where you’re hanging, so you can add your places and personalize your map. climb the public leaderboard each time you visit a place. plus, tag friends that were there with you and get notified when the crew are hanging out somewhere cool. check out your friends’ highlights to see what they were up to over the past 24 hours SHARE YOUR WORLD share your world on your public profile to show the world who you are based on where you spend your time IRL. check out other people’s worlds to see the places they hang out and the areas they’ve uncovered FIND ANYTHING delete your map app and search for people, places, and addresses on zenly instead. find out if your friend has been to that restaurant you’ve been meaning to try, if it’s a local fav, and if it’s suitable for big groups. no more anonymous reviews, just helpful info that can only be found on zenly :) GET DIRECTIONS zip it to your friend’s place or tonight’s date spot without having to search for directions. get walking, cycling and driving directions, call a car or find a scooter nearby, all without having to leave the app. plus, see public transit options, journey time, and train carriage info AND BUUUUMMMMP hanging with friends? shake your phone to experience the magic of bump, and celebrate being together :) ZENLY LIKE A PRO -> remember that your friend needs to accept your friend request before you can see each other’s live location on the map -> need some time off the map? turn on ghost mode at any time -> need some help? email [email protected] or contact the care team directly in app got it? time to zenly your world

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Please don’t shutdown
sunsaru on 2023-02-08
Why you close this app.. please don’t shutdown this app Snap map is not working like this app If you combine snap app then please make snap map exactly work like zenly aap please please please work on it please I am crying because this app is shutdown
Best app
Roop80 on 2023-02-08
Zenly is the best app so far that I have used as it tells you the live location along with that also if person is still or moving, weather as well if it’s raining or snowing which no other app tells you💓
Missing Zenly
asmayusi on 2023-02-08
Missing Zenly very badly the settings in it was very clear and easy but Snapchat I am not able to find my friends nearby its difficult to understand in Snapchat
Please don’t go, really going to miss this app
Chhabra.gaurav70 on 2023-02-08
This app is a masterpiece and it’s feels so bad that this app is going to shut
Best Apps till date 🥺♥️
Aarushi Baluni on 2023-02-08
Zenly was the best app I’ve used till date I’ll seriously miss using it 🥺
Do not delete zenly
ashdya on 2023-02-08
Dont delete zenly app this has been very attached to us
In touch💞
jindu❤️ on 2023-02-08
In touchFamily members and friends all time with zenly
Best app
ga3649 on 2023-02-08
Really want to use it forever safe and trusted ap ,
md nswed on 2023-02-08
This aap not working from yesterday why help me
Don’t leave!
sankett kurundkar on 2023-02-08
Please don’t . I really loved the app!❤️

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