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Mar, 2020


Mar, 2020



A dangerous vaccine has caused a powerful virus that mutates humans into zombies. This lethal virus has spread out causing a zombie outbreak, meaning that humans are in danger. Survivors must fight in this war to escape from death... Turn yourself into a zombie killer and make your way through a number of challenging levels! Challenge yourself in this zombie apocalypse world! Face zombies with the best weapons in this Survival FPS! REALISTIC SURVIVAL FPS Experience a real zombie war: Excellent graphics in a super realistic 3D apocalypse world, perfect for fans of horror and shooting games. Become a professional zombie killer and test your shooting skills to survive in more than 120 levels! HUGE VARIETY OF ZOMBIES AND WEAPONS The game includes 5 challenging bosses, 60 main missions, several secondary missions, 2 DLC maps, and many special events celebrated regularly. Choose from more than 30 different guns to kill zombies, from an MP5 or AK47, to a shotgun, and even to a devastating grenade! As the ammo is scarce in a post-apocalyptic world, it will be very important to plan any strategy, such as saving bullets doing headshots! Upgrade weapons and gear to become a stronger survivor and face more challenging enemies! The apocalypse is here, so take part in this game and become a hero fighting the undead! Will you run away or shoot your way out in this zombie invasion?

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After purchase No upgrade
gamernavya on 2020-04-07
I have purchased a combo package for $29.99 3 days back, in which I was supposed to get AUG with full upgrade with Power 1252, 80000 Gold and 100 Gems. But I got AUG with starting power of 1003, there was no full upgrade. Gold and gems were there but my main interest was to get Full power AUG. After that I sent you guys my feedback twice but surprisingly there is no reply till now, which is really unprofessional from your side. You guys want us to purchase your packages but you are not delivering the right items. Now tell me how can I get my full package items???? If not possible from your side then kindly refund my money and take your items, I didn’t use anything from that package.
Good game. Need help from developer
Anuj29 on 2020-04-07
Hi, the game is good and UI is very responsive. I am unable to play Tournament in the game. Like it says, “you need UMP only to gain the points” I have UMP but still unable to play it. The start button is not getting highlighted to be used. Please help
Ads Ads and Ads.!
reviewer titan on 2020-04-07
These guys are so much in greed that every time you get back to them game after mission there’s a automatic ad play, which you can not even get rid of. Very disgraceful. Try not to waste your worthy time on this waste.
The Game
kenz6006 on 2020-04-07
Stop those ads from the game
Awesome game
rocky 20 on 2020-04-07
Zombie is an awesome game
Hameerdevka on 2020-04-07
Stunning games
Thanks for making such a nice game
live young live free on 2020-04-07
Really enjoy
vengatesh venky on 2020-04-07
Not bad...
Very nice ...really enjoying
Tushar deb ( India) on 2020-04-07
Good game
Good game
india yas on 2020-04-07
Good game

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