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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



00:37 is a workout tool. important notes: - the app doesn't contain any exercises or routines. add and do exercises you know how to do properly. 00:37 does not replace a mentor or classes. - the app is a side project, mostly designed for personal use, made available for free. I may update it occasionally, but don't expect regular updates or convenient features. I may also remove features that don't work for me or change things in ways you may not like; that's part of the deal here. features: - 5 types of exercises display time, repetitions, or amounts in different ways. - add a metronome, setup time, reminder sounds, tags, and notes to your exercises. - create sets and routines of exercises. - save your sessions so you can see how you progress. tip: - you are less likely to miss a timer, break, or reminder by going to Settings > Notifications > 00:37 and setting the notification style to 'Persistent'.

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