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The First HD quality Multiplatform Baby Monitor is here! BABY MONITOR 3G is a universal video and audio baby monitor for your phone, tablet, or computer. Hear every noise, stream live video, and soothe your child remotely. Works with an unlimited reach (WIFI, 3G, LTE) and is trusted by more than a million moms and dads. THE BEST APP ROUND THE WORLD ============================== * Awarded by Apple in the "AppStore Best of the Year" in Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria * Won “Show Your App” Award 2017 and became the best overall app in Germany * Featured by Apple as "Editor's Choice" in Germany and Austria * Top 5 in Lifestyle apps in more than 100 countries * A million happy parents and their babies around the world 12 KEY FEATURES =============== - Works with all your devices - iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, Apple Watch. (Mac version is available on Mac App Store and sold separately). - Easy to use, easy to set up - less than 30 sec. - Live HD video anywhere - you will not miss any detail - Unlimited reach - over WiFi, LTE, 3G - Enhanced Baby Activity Log - Hear every noise - see every motion - Lullabies to soothe your baby - Talk to your baby with your voice - Adjustable Night Light - Discreet Vibration alert - Nice Personalization - Secure and Reliable usage - Fully localized to 13 languages ON ALL YOUR DEVICES Baby Monitor 3G works across most modern phones or tablets you have at home, and you can use them in any combination. See for more info about supported devices. Versions for each platform are sold separately. EASY TO USE The app requires two devices. One device stays in the child’s room, while the other one stays with you. Initial setup takes less than 30 seconds. LIVE HD VIDEO ANYWHERE Baby Monitor 3G transfers live HD video from the child´s room to you over both wifi and cellular connection. To save data, you can switch to lower quality or to still photos. UNLIMITED REACH Baby Monitor 3G supports both WIFI and 3G/LTE networks. You can have a baby monitor with unlimited gear that can be used anywhere without worrying about a weak WiFi signal. ACTIVITY LOG Baby Monitor 3G allows you to check, how often was your baby awake, discover its sleeping patterns and replay sounds from current or any previous monitoring. NIGHT MODE This feature turns the app into a night mode so you can comfortably check your phone placed on the nightstand even during the night without any unnecessary distraction. EVERY NOISE Are you not sure what the little sound you barely hear is? Sensitize the sound for a moment so you can hear every tiny sound from your baby’s room. TALK TO YOUR BABY Simply press a button and speak. Your child will be always one tap away from you. LULLABIES You can soothe your baby to sleep by playing them some calming music. Lullabies can be imported from the music library or Baby Dreambox app. NIGHT LIGHT Smart night light with adjustable intensity makes it possible to view your baby, even when it’s dark. PERSONALISATION Make Baby Monitor 3G truly yours. You can set it up with the name of your baby, and the app looks differently depending on whether you have a baby boy or baby girl. SECURE AND RELIABLE Reliability and privacy are our biggest concerns. You always know the battery level of the baby station, and stability of the internet connection is carefully monitored. In the unlikely event, something goes amiss, you’re notified immediately. Note about privacy We respect your privacy and that’s why we do not store any data transferred through Baby Monitor 3G or any personal information. The entire connection is encrypted by industry standard SSL. You can find out more details at To see how video works and find more information, go to Please send us your feedback to [email protected] We love to implement new features based on your ideas!

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