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Your child will love to do math tasks - because this is a game - complete with levels, goals, nice graphics and music. Your child can practice all the elementary math operations, and you, as a parent, can set what task to practice.  **** Children's Technology Review - Editor's choice (May 2011) **** **** Featured in Staff Favorites on App Store main page! (July 2011) **** >> We have also version for Mac, look for Bubbling Math on Mac App Store << Highlights:  * 9 different graphic levels with nice music and sounds - will make it difficult for you to stop your child from solving math tasks  * Task configuration - easy, but powerful - to help you set what your child will practice - based on his age and skill  * Parents section - with detailed results - you will know how many tasks your child has finished and you can even view which tasks your child finished incorrectly  * We are motivating - not only to learn, but motivating to continue with additional tasks, because when each new level is unlocked, your child can also get 3 cups for every level (Bronze, Silver, Gold) - and it is not easy to get a Gold cup!  We have developed this game with the help of children and teachers. Children have helped us make it fun, and teachers have ensured that it is right from an education point of view.  3 easy steps to use:  1. Start app and select the types of tasks that your child will practice  2. Give iPad to your child. Now you can leave your child alone - most children know exactly what they should do :-) Or you can just watch so you can see your child enjoying - yes, believe me - math tasks  3. After your child has finished, you can go through the incorrect answers with your child, or just quickly look at the type of task that is causing the biggest problem  Tips:  - you can reset game to a default state. This is useful should you want to try the game before you give it to your child, or if you want to let your child start again (possibly at a different speed)  - you can set the game speed in the Parents' section  And we are leaving the best until the end – because this is just the beginning. We are preparing new levels, new challenges and new game types.  What we do love is your feedback. Honestly, we do not know the tastes of all the parents and children worldwide, so if you have any ideas or requests for additional features, we will be only too pleased to incorporate them in the next versions. Please write to us at [email protected] We are happy, when our customers are happy.  Yours,  Jindrich & Jan from TappyTaps  PS: Check out our other apps, so you can see that we are responsible developers with a great record of developing applications for the iPhone/iPad.

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