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Nov, 2022


Nov, 2022



Set your child or classroom up for reading success! GraphoGame helps kindergarten and primary school children learn to read and spell their first letters, syllables and words. Academically validated content and no ads! • Engaging & systematic phonics game that complements any phonics programme • Practice and build up knowledge of letters and sounds quickly with your child and keep practising to make it automatic! • Developed in collaboration with the University of Cambridge Centre for Neuroscience in Education • Designed for school and home use GraphoGame helps kids learn letters, rhymes and their sounds through a variety of engaging 3D levels – all with your child’s own unique player character that keeps them coming back for more! The player gradually moves on from graphemes and phonemes, through syllables and rhyme units, to eventually learn how to blend what they have learned into complete words. By playing just 15 minutes regularly, kids can improve their letter knowledge, phonological awareness, reading speed and overall confidence in literacy! Initially developed in Finland as a support tool to help children struggling with reading to learn the basic decoding skills, the content of GraphoGame: Kids Learn to Read was developed in collaboration with the University of Cambridge Centre for Neuroscience in Education. The effectiveness of GraphoGame was studied in an efficacy trial funded by the Education Endowment Foundation and Wellcome Trust. To learn more about the study, visit our website! FEATURES: • Synthetic phonics training app utilising onset-rime analogy • In-game literacy analytics for tracking student progress & difficulties • Suitable for ages 6-9 • Two game interfaces: Stars (for school use) and Adventure Map (for home use) • Engaging 3D graphics • Avatar creation & customisation • Works offline • NO ADVERTISEMENTS TESTIMONIALS: “I would definitely recommend the game . . . It's what's been lacking - a stretching programme for English and it does motivate them” – Primary school teacher “it's not reliant on adult support, it's easy to use as an intervention tool and you can monitor progress easily through it” – Primary school teacher “If there is a tricky word. . . we can chop it up into pieces and answer it” – Primary school student Game icon © Grapho Group Oy, Ville Mönkkönen & Mika Halttunen

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