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Nov, 2022


Nov, 2022



It is time to have super-human hearing capabilities. There is more going around you than you might realize… Hearing aid uses the built in microphone of your device. The input signal coming from your mic is processed to obtain a clean and amplified sound. With easy to use, user friendly interface, you won’t miss any family conversation. You can also record and playback and important dialog. This app turns your iPhone into an hearing aid, you can now watch TV without disturbing others. You only need your iphone and headphones. We have special noise suppressing DSP blocks and frequency based amplifiers for enhancing various sound sources. The app includes a user friendly graphical equalizer interface for personalizing the app. Features: * Very intuitive and easy to use graphical interface. * State-of-the-art audio enhancement algorithms * Graphical Equalizer for better tuning and target based sound amplification * Record and playback as many files as you like, all in m4a/aac format. * Save equalizer presets for your next spy mission. HEADPHONES REQUIRED. You need to use your headphones to use this application. Otherwise a disturbing feedback sound may be heart. Disclaimer: Use this app responsibly. We are not responsible for any misconduct or privacy intrusion using this app. In case this app is used as an aid for hearing impaired, it is recommended to consult a doctor before using.

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