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HorseDay is all any enthusiast of the Icelandic horse needs, whether you’re a trainer, owner, breeder, rider or just a fan! Track and analyze your training sessions, plan your horse’s medical and shoeing appointments and record any other activities focused on the care of your Icelandic horse. Browse WorldFengur with an interactive interface and discover each horse. HorseDay keeps track of all the necessary details for each horse, including their highest assessment, their offspring and more. Automatically upload your horse’s profile from your WorldFengur paddock to HorseDay. You can also add your horse manually, simply by searching the WorldFengur database for your horse and adding them directly to HorseDay. Create a team for horse by inviting other users to your horse's team and start interacting with them through the activity feed. Share your activities and progress with your followers or your team members and connect with other equestrians worldwide. HorseDay is the all-in-one app for Icelandic horse owners, breeders, riders and enthusiasts. Download today and join the friendly HorseDay community! Terms of Use:

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