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For businesses on the go. Send invoices, track sales and manage your money with the PayPal Business app. • Make and send invoices quickly • Manage sales and track account activity • Transfer money • Manage your Working Capital cash advance • See monthly, quarterly and yearly sales trends at a glance • Access your customer information quickly and easily SEND INVOICES AND GET PAID Make, send and manage invoices quickly from the PayPal Business app. PayPal's invoice creation tool also makes it easier to send payment reminders to customers directly from your mobile device. MANAGE SALES AND ACCOUNT ACTIVITY See your daily sales and view your business' monthly, quarterly and yearly sales at a glance. WITHDRAW MONEY Move money to your linked merchant bank account, issue refunds and send money in just a few clicks. Save time by skipping the queues at the bank with this mobile money-management app. MAKE REPAYMENTS TOWARDS YOUR WORKING CAPITAL CASH ADVANCE Have a PayPal Working Capital cash advance? Now you can make repayments and track your repayment progress from the PayPal business app. ACCESS CUSTOMER INFORMATION View customer transaction history & contact information and get in touch with your customers directly from your mobile device. It's also easier to import your contacts. The PayPal Business app offers your small business a quick and simple way to make and send invoices, get paid and manage your money right from your mobile device. Need to accept credit/debit cards on a mobile device? Try the PayPal Here mobile app.

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