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"Pocket Bandit is a hidden gem" - Eurogamer Top 11 Best Apple Watch Games : "It’s such a smart use of the device’s most distinctive feature" - Mac World Top 15 Apple Watch games you should play : "It’s clever, and, as a plus, requires no actual lawbreaking." - Tom's Guide "Best Apple Watch games list " - Techradar "Best Apple Watch games list " - iMore Pocket Bandit is a fun and fast-paced puzzle game for Apple Watch. To orchestrate your heist, the Apple watch will be the key : use the crown to move and vibrations to find the good combination ! Each successful heist will give you a treasure and there is more than 100 of them : Steal'em all to become the King of Bandits ! Note : You will need an Apple Watch to play Pocket Bandit (you dont need an iPhone). FEATURES * The perfect puzzle game for Apple Watch : quick, fun and deep gameplay ! * More than 100 treasures to find. This month, steal Santa Claus factory ! * Complications for Apple Watch and 10 stickers for iMessage. * Beautiful and stylish visuals. * Pay Once and play forever ! Events and new content are on the way... HOW TO PLAY THE GAME * Use the digital crown to move the cursor * When the Apple watch starts vibrating, it means that you are on a good number. * Touch the Apple Watch to validate the number. * If it's the good number, the safe will open ! * You win a treasure. There's more than 100 to collect ! DEVELOPER Seele games is a company specialized in iPhone and AppleWatch games. We make great games on small devices, with outside the box concepts, created with love, passion and generosity. Thank you !

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