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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



Do you need a taxi? You can now book a taxi without contacting our call center, booking is easier and faster than ever. With our app "TaxiLokal" on your smartphone, you have direct access to all our taxis and you will avoid any telephone queue. When the app is started, it will automatically find your location and show you the address. This app gives you the opportunity to book a taxi from Skien Taxi, Notodden Taxi, Ulefoss Taxi, Rjukan Taxi, Geilo Taxi and Bryggen Taxi in Bergen. After your app installation it will ask you to enter your name and phonenumber, this data will be stored in the app under "Settings", and you do not need to enter it again when you do your next order. Are you in need of e.g Maxi Taxi, a station car or any other criteria, please contact us on the phone by hitting the "Call Taxi" and press the number button. You have the opportunity to: • book a taxi on your account • follow the status of your order and follow the taxi "live" on the map • send a receipt by email • send message to the taxi when your order is assigned • rate your driver after the end of the trip • confirm your order if the taxi is delayed (you will receive a push warning on your iphone if this happens) • pre-order a taxi for up to one week before • cancel the taxi, right up until your taxi is assigned to you • view all your bookings for the last 14 days • make favourite addresses so you can make a quick booking • select addresses from your recent orders • make a comment to the taxidriver when you order • use the app to call your nearest taxicompany (Just hit the "Call Taxi")

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