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Organizing your life shouldn’t be that hard. Chek helps you organize and prioritize your tasks, schedules, and reminders so you can stress less and get more done. Want to share a schedule of events with your friends? Or remind your others about that upcoming thing? Create and share a schedule for each one of your life’s projects and stay on top of everything you need to get done. Chek is your go-to calendar for all of your life management needs. FEATURES: · A unique Timeline view where you can see how far in advance something is. The longer the bar, the more time you have until the due date / start date. · A unique Calendar view where you can see events and tasks that are past due · Custom reminders for each task or event · Color-coding on each task · Schedules and Groups to organize tasks and events · Lightning fast response time · Always-available services · Automatically-enabled Offline / Airplane mode so you're never in the dark · Quick adding of tasks and editing times · Add tasks on-the-go and manage them from any device · Organize and keep track of all your personal and professional projects · Assign due dates so you’ll never forget to follow through --- [email protected] Pixel Diamond Games LLC

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