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هذا التطبيق سهل جدا وبسيط لتذكيرك ويحفزك لتذكر الله تعالى. كيف يعمل؟ أنه يلعب بضع إخطارا ثانيا الهادئة التي لا تسبب إزعاج أو إحراج. افتراضيا يتم تعيين كل 15 دقيقة، لفظ المغفرة "Estighfar". يمكنك تغيير التوقيت من 15 دقيقة إلى 5 دقائق أو 45 دقيقة30Mins أو 60 دقيقة. الرجاء محاولة واسمحوا لي أن أعرف في الطريقة التي أحتاج لتحسينها وكيف يمكن ان تساعد لك أن تصلي أكثر طوال اليوم. وأضاف أيضا التالية فَضْلُ التَّسْبِيحِ وَالتَّحْمِيدِ، وَالتَّهْلِيلِ، وَالتَّكْبِيرِ- الاستِغْفَارُ والتَّوبَةُ- أَذْكَارُ الاسْتِيقَاظِ مِنَ النَّومِ- قبل النوم- الأَذْكَارُ بَعْدَ السَّلاَمِ مِنَ الصَّــلاَةِ- أَذْكَارُ الصَّبَاحِ- This application is very easy and simple to remind you and motivates you to remember Allah The Almighty. How it works? It plays a quiet few second notification that does not cause inconvenience or embarrassment. By default it is set every 15 mins, pronouncing forgiveness "Estighfar". You Can change the timing from 15 mins to 5 Mins or 30Mins or 45 Mins or 60 Mins. Please try it and let me know in which way I need to improve it and how would it help you to pray more throughout the day. Also added following Duas Remembrance and glorification of Allah FORGIVENESS AND REPENTANCE WHEN WAKING UP BEFORE GOING TO SLEEP AFTER SALAM MORNING DUA IQRA's Dua app is a collection of very useful Supplications provides you with (Messenger of Allah (SAW)) Prophetic and Quranic Duas for every needs. All Duas quoted here have been worked out quite carefully. These have been taken from Bukhari, Muslim and references from books of Hadith and Qur'an also given in each Duas. Have the Dua for every part of your day at your fingertips with the Daily Routine section. Ask for Allah’s help and protection with the Hardships and Trials and Forgiveness and Protection sections. May Allah make this application beneficial for me as well as all the Muslim bothers and sisters. Ameen!

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