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Apr, 2020


Apr, 2020



SPECIAL PRICE - Limited Time Only *** Free version reached #1 App Overall in 2 Countries *** Ultimate SoundBoard. It is here. And it wants you to download it. NOW!!! It Features a selection of 16 handpicked sounds from 16 footpicked categories. That's a total of 256 different sounds for your entertainment!!! Scroll around the massive board of sounds, drag your favourites to the memory dock for quick access, so your'e always prepared for laughs, amusements and amazements! Shake Feature: Drag any sound to the Shake Dock to play it every time you shake your device! Makes for an effective gun, fart thrower, air guitar.... there are many pointless and funny things you can do with this app - JUST GIVE IT A TRY ALREADY!!! Categories: 1. Beats 2. Burps 3. Guns 4. Farts 5. Explode 6. Tech 7. Turbo 8. Drums 9. Electro 10. Guitar 11. Sports 12. Scary 13. Sci-Fi 14. Arcade 15. Sound FX 16. Fighting

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