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Sep, 2020


Sep, 2020



▶ ハイペースなバトルロワイヤル 島に降りたった50名の戦士が生き残りをかけて戦え!お前は最後の勝者になれるか? ▶いつでも気楽にプレイ 10分で終われる!いつでもどこでも短時間でプレイできる! ▶リアルサバイバル体験 険しい島でサバイバル!多様な武器と物資を収集して、多彩な戦闘を体験しょう。 ▶流暢なグラフィックス 初心者でも使いやすいコントロールや操作で広大な島を探索! ▶チームで作戦 2人、3人、4人チームを組め!仲間とボイスチャットで作戦を組み立て、敵を制圧せよ! ▶ フリーファイア日本公式Twitterにて、最新情報を発信中!

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We want Bangladesh Server
Tahsin YT on 2020-10-30
Subject : We want Bangladesh server in Garena Free Fire. Dear Garena, Attention me please sir, we the people of Bangladesh have facing many problems.The problems are given below : 1. Ping Problem: We can't play Freefire for high ping issue.We have good ping when we play PUBG game.Our average ping is 500+ so that we the Bangladeshi people can't play this game smothly. 2.We can't top up Diamonds directly from Bangladesh.Can't buy Airdrop from Google Play Store. There is no such facility with Bangladeshi mobile banking. 3.We don't get events for our nation days like (Eid Ul-Adha, Eid Ul-Fitor, International Mother Language Day, Independence Day, Victory Day,Ramadan and Pohela Boishakh etc) in our country. So, we have some demands. First we want bangladesh server in Garena Free Fire and We want special day events.And we need to facilitate diamond recharge from our country. We hope you will work on our problems. If we don't get any response from you, we all of Bangladeshi player will stop Diamonds Top Up and playing this game.All the YouTubers in Bangladesh have come together.Please Kindly Solved Our problems and take necessary step to give Bangladesh server. Thanks
Pelo amor de Deus
azul lane on 2020-10-30
Atualize o anti hack periodicamente pelo amor!! Tá insuportável joga com tanto aim bots com teleporter com pessoas usando mod pra ver localização tá horrível porra! Simplesmente desanimador 80% usam algum auxílio de mira se não atualizar o anti cheat pra barrar programas de terceiros nunca vai ter fim
おぉんちゃん on 2020-10-30
このゲームは親友に勧められて始めました。 最初は訳が分からず全くドン勝出来ませんでしたが、次第に操作になれドンドンキルができるようになりました。 巷で有名な銃系ゲームより 操作やルールが単調なのでやりやすく、キャラクターや衣装が沢山あるのでオススメです。 今では推し銃もできています AKくん超可愛いです。一撃もでかく、ヘッドショットしたらほとんど一撃で倒せます。 フォルムから色違いにできるコーデまで 全部イケメンな大好きな推しです。 AKくん見つけたら抱いて使ってあげて ください 最後に言いますが…()ペットで癒し要素もあり、銃系ゲームの中でダントツで大好きです。 みんなAKくん使ってね。
Selfish Garena
Sanam Bhandari on 2020-10-30
You always give rare item in newly created accounts. But when we topup in real account and open gun crates you will not given until all diamonds are finished and topup again .In INDIAN server you used to given 50% discounts in luck royals but not not even that...
Very bad ping solved
ZykerGaming japa on 2020-10-30
The game have 999ms ping went graphics is on standard but in smooth its not laggy so I recommend to everyone if your have low end dont put standard it cause much lags use smooth graphics
Game lag , giật!
Taikami on 2020-10-30
Đề nghị nhà phát hành chỉnh lại lỗi lag và giật trên các thiết bị IOS , muốn game phát triển thì phải nghe góp ý của gamer... Chơi thế này chắc anh em IOS bỏ hết
Reward reedem code
dhiraj24 on 2020-10-30
Sir my reedem code is not working yesterday i tried but tye website didn’t open and i tried in the morning but it is saying expired so please solve the problem
We are Nepali
nepakash on 2020-10-30
Hy I am from nepal This game not for only Indian player When u five Indian flag then we also want our flag This game not for only Indian player
uid 1145473548 on 2020-10-30
I am a free fire lover it’s my birthday and iam Poor nobody give gift plzzz sent me a diamond plzzz help me 1145473548 is my uid
Game glitch and ping high
Khadka don on 2020-10-30
Why always game ping is high and always glitch plz garena solve it and freefire is worst game wordt game ever

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