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Jul, 2020


Jul, 2020



▶ ハイペースなバトルロワイヤル 島に降りたった50名の戦士が生き残りをかけて戦え!お前は最後の勝者になれるか? ▶いつでも気楽にプレイ 10分で終われる!いつでもどこでも短時間でプレイできる! ▶リアルサバイバル体験 険しい島でサバイバル!多様な武器と物資を収集して、多彩な戦闘を体験しょう。 ▶流暢なグラフィックス 初心者でも使いやすいコントロールや操作で広大な島を探索! ▶チームで作戦 2人、3人、4人チームを組め!仲間とボイスチャットで作戦を組み立て、敵を制圧せよ! ▶ フリーファイア日本公式Twitterにて、最新情報を発信中!

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Free fire e um Jogo muito divertido
miyada william on 2020-08-08
Eu é minha mãe joga os muito free fire nos adoramos de verdade eu quero que as pessoas parem de usar hack è falarem palavrões eu também falava antigamente mais eu parei por que eu percebi que eu tava fazendo o errado hoje eu joguei com três pessoas é eles foram muito humilde comigo eu também elogiava eles eu falava tipo valeu a pena cara. Tenta da próxima vez.tu é bom viu eu quero que todo mundo no free fire sejam felizes é humildes Repassem essa mensagem pra todo mundo amo o free fire amo vocês Garena ❤️❤️
Mukdo on 2020-08-08
Please I am a player of free fire please don’t remove this game from Bangladesh , japan and India it is our favourite game if you remove this game we will be sad if you want to remove this game than we all we do something that will make you bring this game back so pls don’t remove this (free fire username; Mukdo7890
Connection timed out
Heavyrain234 on 2020-08-08
Dear Garena! Lately we(my friends too) have been experiencing connection timed out problem! When this garena brawl bash tournament happened this bug is happening regularly! On this tournament on every game literally every game one member is missing! That’s why we got so few points! We need our compensation!
Amo o Free Fire
TomBadboy157 on 2020-08-08
E o melhor jogo Emobile não troco esse jogo por nenhum Garena cria um saite no Facebook para podemos denúncia todos os hackers do Free firee cada hackers denuciado uma quantia em diamante quem apoia deixa o like... Vamos acaba com alegria dos hackers no Free firee.. Hackers vocês são um bando de lixo.....
I cannot hear anything
BestFoolInTheYear on 2020-08-08
Game is cool but sometime it’s super lagged and the most annoying problems are I cannot hear any foot words, if I cannot hear the sound how could I play the game? Also, please fix the bug corners some tricky players they are using bug corners to play it’s super illegal. Stop the bugs and cheat players.
Magic cube store
Prashant12309 on 2020-08-08
Hello garena I start saving my magic cube from one month for buy artic blue bundle you can't bring attic bundle in magic cube I am so upset with you so please bring artic blue bundle in magic cube store Indian server is waiting for articblue bundle in magic cube Thank you!!!!!!
Why do you make game if u cant maintain its balance
khatefire on 2020-08-08
U. Are making the game its good thing But try to solve the server issue Whenever u play game they throw out of the game And also show black screen for always We cant play in thai type of server Either control the server or delete this game form store your self Matherchode
connection timeout issue in Indian region for Nepali player
God Popeye on 2020-08-08
We can't enter a 4 man squad in ranked, custom matches every time it shows connection time out problem and kicked one player from the game so the connection problem should be fixed as soon as fast otherwise we have to change the game and shift to other game. Thank you
Contra Squad De 3‍♀️
mt baum✨ on 2020-08-08
Não e contra squad? Pq so cai 3 pessoas Me Diga "GARENA" Tenho Cara De Morto ? Touxa Toxica Bebezona Desculpa Me Da Um Codiguin Eu Vou chola Se N Me Der poi favoi Pai:Se Não Arrumar Isso Vou Mandar Meu Filho Excluir Esse Game E Abaixar Minecraft. BAIANA
Many glitch
ARJUN DADA on 2020-08-08
There is not any event which has no glitch And it become disappear after few hour so fix this problem specially nepal and Bangladesh there is problems that something they cannot enter the game even they have a good device and not couse of game bug

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