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LabQuest Viewer allows you to use your classroom iPad to wirelessly view and control a Vernier LabQuest® data collection interface. This allows you to remotely monitor and interact with any LabQuest on your network. If your classroom iPad is equipped to display with a projector, LabQuest Viewer allows you to present any LabQuest screen for the entire class, enabling teacher-led demonstrations and student-led presentations. While viewing a LabQuest, use the share feature to capture a screenshot of the LabQuest display for use in lab instructions or other documents. Vernier LabQuest Required Network access to at least one LabQuest is required to use this application. • Works with any LabQuest 2 ( • Can also be used with a Wi-Fi-enabled original LabQuest ( Key features • View and control a LabQuest from an iPad • Monitor student progress on any LabQuest connected to your network • Project the iPad running LabQuest Viewer for class demos and presentations • Share screenshots of the LabQuest display for use in lab instructions Additional customizable permissions (enabled through settings on a LabQuest) • Permit viewing without control • Password-protect a connection Vernier Software & Technology has over 30 years of experience in providing effective learning resources for understanding experimental data in science and math classrooms. LabQuest Viewer is a part of Vernier’s extensive system of sensors, interfaces, and data-collection software for science education.

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