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Let your child know when it's OK to wake up in the morning with a green light. Sleep training has never been easier. >> Note: This app has NO sound. It's only a visual light that turns on to let your child know it's okay to get out of bed. It has no audio alarms that would wake anyone up from sleeping. Great for at home or travel when you don't want to pack a large physical sleep training clock or night light. Just setup an iPad or iPhone in the child's room, set the time when it's okay for them to get out of bed, and optionally turn on the night light. Then, at the specified time, the screen will glow green letting your child know it's OK to wake up and get out of bed. Give your child a sense of accomplishment by helping them get up at the right time, letting them turn off their green light, and even helping them learn to tell time by leaving the clock on (it can be turned off). You can specify an interactive friend to make waiting to get out of bed even more exciting. When the green light comes on, a smiley face or cute elephant can optionally show up on the screen, with two simple buttons: - PLAY button to interact with their wake up friend - CLOSE button to turn off their green light Brightness ========== Night Light brightness can be adjusted with a simple slider at the bottom of the screen. Once set, whenever the Night Light is enabled the brightness will dim to this setting. When the green light alarm is displayed, brightness is set to full so your child can easily tell it's now OK to get out of bed. When the green light is turned off, your brightness will return to the original brightness that it was when you started the app. Options & Highlights ==================== + Green Light Wake Alarm : On or Off + Duration for Green Light to Stay On : 30 minutes, 1 hr, 1.5 hrs, 2 hrs, No Limit (will stay on until turned off) + Friend: None (just green), Smiley, or Elephant + Alarm/Friend Tester : Button to Test the Alarm and Friend + Night Light Colors: Red, Pink, Orange, Amber, Apricot, or Violet (we've included colors proven to promote sleep and not disrupt melatonin production) + Night Light Brightness Control + Show/Hide Controls on Screen (with a simple tap) + Show/Hide Clock even when Controls are Hidden by Tapping Screen ("Always Show Time") + Show/Hide Seconds + Button to Turn On/Off Night Light + Green Bulb in Corner to Indicate Green Alarm is On + Works in Portrait or Landscape Mode Tips ==== --- [Guided Access] --- To keep your child from changing any of the settings simply start the app, enable Guided Access, then circle the Settings button and Night Light button in the top right. This will keep curious fingers from clicking those buttons. Guided Access will also remember your settings so those buttons will be unavailable next time you start the app & start Guided Access again. *Guided Access can be enabled via Settings / Accessibility / [General] Guided Access --- [Plug In] --- Make sure to plug in your iPad or iPhone when starting the app for the night. When running, it will disable the Auto-Lock feature of your device so it doesn't turn off, but can run all night and turn on the green light in the morning. * The app MUST be in the foreground and running for the Green light to turn on. History ======= I built this app after returning from a vacation that was full of difficult nights because my daughter didn't have her green light to help her know when it was OK to get out of bed. It's now on an iPad and goes everywhere with us. I hope it can help you as much as it's helped us!

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