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May, 2021



Decentralized account model that helps users manage and fully control their private keys. They can help you: - Secure Messaging : all messages are end-to-end encrypted using ECIES, only receiver can decrypt the messages. - Self destructive message: you can choose a sensitive message to be destroyed after a time period. - Free Video, Audio call free via Internet - Key management: easy to backup your keys with BIP39 - You do not have to register account traditionally, you control all your keys. Just simply create key and you can chat with friend safely. - Share your new styles chat ID via social network easily. - Free tool for coin holder: Portfolio with latest cryptocurrency price - Secure Password Management Tool for other Apps, You can get rid of password forgotten for a lot of using apps - Bitcoin Wallet and Ethereum Wallet: You can receive and send Bitcoin, Ethereum easily with full control.

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