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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



HomeButtons allows you to quickly control HomeKit accessories and scenes from your Apple Watch. Once scenes or accessories have been added to HomeButtons, you can control them with just a tap! Unlike other apps, HomeButtons focuses on simplicity and allows you to see many more accessories or scenes with just a glance. There’s also a widget on iPhone & iPad too! HomeButtons contains these great features: CONTROL HomeButtons makes it quick and easy to control your HomeKit compatible accessories or scenes you have created in the Apple Home app. CUSTOMISE You choose the scenes and accessories you want to see in the app. HomeButtons provides you with the ability to customise which scenes or accessories you want to be displayed in the list so you’re not scrolling through a list of items you don’t care about. SCENES Activate scenes with just a tap. HomeButtons displays your selected scenes in a clear and concise list allowing you to just tap to select them. ACCESSORIES Similarly, accessories are also shown in a clear and concise way and, even allows you to see the current state of the accessory. Accessories are sorted alphabetically by room so it’s quick to find the exact accessory you’re looking for. APPLE WATCH HomeButtons is built for Apple Watch to allow you to get the most out of your HomeKit accessories from your wrist. WIDGET Add the widget to your iPhone or iPad and quickly activate the configured HomeKit scene. You can choose from a small or medium widget size. ACCESSIBILITY The app has been developed throughout to support VoiceOver & Dynamic Type users. Get in contact: Email: [email protected] Twitter: @adamfootdev Website:

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