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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



iPhone 에 내장된 걸음 수 계산 기능을 이용해 스마트한 건강 관리를 시작해보세요. 페도미터++와 함께라면 배터리 소모 없이 일간 및 주간 걸음 수를 손쉽게 기록하고 저장할 수 있습니다. --------------- Take advantage of the step counting capabilities in your iPhone to improve your health. Pedometer++ lets you easily keep track of your daily and weekly step counts, without any impact on your battery life. You can view your progress each day from either the iPhone app, Today View widget or Apple Watch app. For best results make sure that you keep your iPhone on you as you move throughout the day, ideally in a trouser pocket close to your hips. Pedometer++ integrates with the Health app in order to collect and display data collected by your Apple Watch. It can display your step count, walking distance, active calories and heart rate data.

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Before and After
tamnaa on 2023-02-01
Before having this app, I used to walk. After having this one, I even walk regularly to get medals and awards. I have an aim to walk.
아이폰 건강 앱과 연동되어
kilimanza on 2023-02-01
아이폰 건강 앱과 연동되어 전체적인 통계를 보기가 좋습니다
김경0502 on 2023-02-01
새로운 월별 미션이 안되요 ㅠㅠ

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