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Feb, 2023


Feb, 2023



Work from anywhere with a single app that combines team chat, phone, whiteboard, meetings, and more. COMMUNICATE EASILY WITH ANYONE Chat with internal and external contacts Place and accept calls or send SMS text messages Schedule a video meeting and join with a single click KEEP PROJECTS MOVING Chats and channels for messaging, file sharing, and more Share and annotate content during meetings Brainstorm on virtual whiteboards, share them in chat, and access them later WORK SAFELY ON THE GO Stay focused on the road with Apple CarPlay support Customize Siri Shortcuts for hands-free voice commands SSO support and Okta integration BOUNCE BETWEEN LOCATIONS Move a call or meeting between devices with a single click without interruption Use the mobile app to start a Zoom Rooms meeting and share content Multi-task on your iPhone with Picture and Picture or iPad with Split View USAGE INFORMATION - Any free or paid license can be used with the mobile app - A paid Zoom One subscription or add-on license is required to use certain product features. - Works over Wi-Fi, 5G, 4G/LTE, and 3G networks - Support for iPhone and iPad Follow us on social media @zoom. Terms of Service: Privacy Statement: Have a question? Contact us at

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아이폰 잠김했을때 화면
gliss00 on 2023-03-27
자동으로 업데이트한 다음부터 갑자기 폰 잠김화면에서도 영상통화라고 나와서 불편합니다. 종료하는 버튼이 나와있어서 가끔 잘못 터치돼서 종료됩니다. 예전처럼 화면 잠겨있을때에도 줌 화면이나 영상통화라는 문구 안나오게 설정해주세요. 그 외에 다른 기능은 쓸만합니다. 업데이트하기 전 버전이 더 낫습니다
🐶같은 앱
모르면 닭치셈 on 2023-03-27
중국 앱이라서 그런지 화질도 개 같고 음질도쓰레기네.ㅋ차라리 페이스타임이 나을 듯. 용량 아까워요…. 깔지 마세요.
IpadOs 16.3.1
푸롱424 on 2023-03-27
아이패드 16.3.1 에서 마이크 지원 안됨 개인정보 -> 마이크 에 줌 앱 뜨지도 않음
줌 애용자 on 2023-03-27
너만 없었어도 난 집에서 쉴 수 있었어!!!
M-Timothy on 2023-03-27
자비성 on 2023-03-27
참 편하게사용했습니다
Daisy's Diary on 2023-03-27

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