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Feb, 2020



For travelers, couples and creators, Frismo helps you capture your photos exactly the way you desire. Every photo we take is keeping the moment from running away, yet we believe that taking great photos can make your memories more vivid and shareable. Frismo is the only camera app for taking perfect self-portraits. Simply drag and scale an avatar to where you want to be in the photo, hand it to anyone you like, and Frismo will take care of the rest.  With real time image detection, Frismo makes anyone your photographer and gets your photos right at capture. FEATURES - “scene-freezing mode” helps you line up backgrounds - “the man” helps you compose photos and know where to stand - 2 dimensional level interface - grids for aligning your shot Travel with your beloved ones, and make the world your photographer! Please don’t hesitate to contact us - [email protected]

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