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Jun, 2020



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We request that all BTS views be returned
الااقتراحات on 2020-07-04
We, the BTS Army, get tired a lot by adding viewers so many people see and BTSB rejoices in their work. You are deleting it because they did not accept a company to bribe it Like YG "(Don't like this?) Don't delete or freeze the song's views. Think before you do something. Bts Learn how hard it is to do the stream and let the rest of them watch it. نطالب ب اعاده مشاهدات ل فرقه بي تي اس ليش تجمد ن مشاهدات او تحذفونه تدرون انه صعب نخلى باقي يشوفونه احنا نبي نخلي بي تي اس يفرحون ب عملهم وتحون تحذفون ملاين من مشاهدات ترا هذه كله وصل ل مل الارمي و قريب الي شركه ان شاءالله ✨ نبي اعاده مشاهدات خسرنه قدام بلينك بس طلع وش انتم اللى حذفتوه
YouTube is Racism
Army Say youtube stop it on 2020-07-04
YouTube always delete BTS views for nothing is it because there Korean or you don’t like them? while we do stream you delete?it unfair we don’t care how much they pay u to delete but stop deleting our views without reason why only us? We were 145 M in 24 hour we became 43 views in 24 hour !!! Can someone tell me what is this it CRAZY we want our views . + Naw if u open YouTube chart it will show you the views is 550 Million but in YouTube it’s 204 million that Shaw haw it’s deleting without reason.
اليوتيوب الركيزة الاساسية للتواصل الاجتماعي والسياسي والاقتصادي
Al-Wardan Matar on 2020-07-04
يستمتع المرء بمشاهدة مالذ وطاب من الفيديوات السياحية التى يصول ويجول بها السواح عبر مختلف المدن السياحية منها المتواضع ومنها المبدع بالاضافة الى الافلام والمسرحيات والندوات السياسية والامسيات الشعرية حقيقة اليوتيوب يضم كل مالذ وطاب الشباب يستمتعون والشياب كذلك والبنات والسيدات ( النساء ) الكل يسعى جاهدا لمشاهدة مايعجبه لذلك كل الشكر والامتنان للشركة المنتجه لليوتيوب عيب اليوتيوب الوحيد الاعلانات العديدة التى لاتتلائم مع محتوى اليوتيوب !! واللبيب من الاشارة يفهم !!
stop deleting views you clown
i love bts on 2020-07-04
your company is biased and shows lots of favoritism to other creators. you delete bts’ views like its nothing & you’ve gone back on your word saying that you don’t delete views. it’s the same excuse every time. “we need to verify if you’re bots or not” is just your excuse so you can delete views. i don’t know why you do this or why you don’t want to see bts succeed. this only makes your company look scummier, you snake. add our 67 million back.
Jelyn on 2020-07-04
Can you please fix the glitches because everytime i go to youtube and watch a video its all black but the video is already playing and its annoying i need to restart the app before i could watch a video i tried deleting the app and then download it again but it didnt work there’s still a glitch so pls fix it but the app is pretty good i can watch vids but the glitch is just getting annoying
I hate this plz fix this
Zuder on 2020-07-04
In the start I love you YouTube that's not why I put one star I wanted to do a Channel but it keeps telling me to sign up I wanted it for free but when I said sign in for free still was difficult to get a channel because my parents won't allow I think but I really wanted to do a channel so please fix this The update did nothing I'm trying to stream but it did nothing
Deleting views
thatbisskookv on 2020-07-04
You delete views from bts mvs and we have proof, you do so without apologizing about it and without ever addressing it, yes bts always win bc they’re the best but you cant take away 2 million views from their mvs bc you support blackpink. Return our views and don’t take away anymore.
nakakaputangina to
mayxiemax on 2020-07-04
y’all bring back all the views you deleted from b/ts. y’all unfair, we worked hard to stream those mv’s and would just be deleted? while others are just going easy because they aren’t experiencing our struggles. kaines kayo ha papaano ko kayo kay Nezuko e!
25/6/2007 on 2020-07-04
Restart BTS views /Restart BTS views/Restart BTS views/Restsrt BTS views/ Restart BTS views/Restart BTS views/Restart BTS views (Please we are tired a lot) ( VAN BTS ARMY) ☹️
hinu33 on 2020-07-04
stop deleting/freezing views for BTS and stop making views for blackpink by fraud! We all know what’s up so you better don’t do it again! Or u won’t be having enough ratings/stars to run youtube.

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