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Oct, 2022


Oct, 2022



Are you a Microsoft Access database user and ever wished about exploring the database from iOS devices by touch from anywhere, then this is a powerful companion tool for you to remotely visualize and explore the Microsoft Access database in an intuitive way. For detailed information please visit FEATURES • Visualize, search & script database objects. • Database objects can be viewed in Tiles & Table view. • Administer database by scripting. • Multi tab query runner with asynchronous and parallel query execution. • Send any kind of ad-hoc query and browse the results in table. • Fast access to SQL keywords using special SQL keyboard. • Save queries to iOS device and reuse. • Theme support for user interface. • Define Entry Form and Add, Edit & Delete Table Rows. • Charting • Export to Pdf, Csv and Xlsx SHARING • Email script and query results instantly. • Download saved queries using iTunes. EXPLORE & SCRIPT • Tables, Queries, Relations & Indexes. • List Forms, Reports, Macros & Modules. WINDOWSPROG BRIDGE SERVER (FREE) • This iOS application requires a Bridge Server to be installed in a Windows Machine to process the requests made by iOS Devices. • The Bridge Server is the one stop communication point for Microsoft Access and it can be downloaded for free from • Refer to for more information. • Works Over 3G/4G. COST • $19.99 for Full product. Privacy Policy : Policy.pdf Terms & Conditions : and Conditions.pdf If you need any assistance/more information/feedback please contact us at [email protected]

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