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Dec, 2022


Dec, 2022



View and Edit(in-app) Microsoft Access database on your iPhone or iPad natively with this App, you can view it easily with Sort, Paging and Filter. With the new in-app item you can even edit it directly on your phone, and export database data or schema DDL . ***** We also have Mac version 'Viewer for Access Database' available on Mac App Store. ***** ( This is the viewer version with in-app purchase Edit features, we also have 'Editor for Access Database' with all features included. ) Support Access Database Version: * Microsoft Access 2000 * Microsoft Access 2002 * Microsoft Access 2003 * Microsoft Access 2007 * Microsoft Access 2010 * Microsoft Access 2013 Features: * Support mdb and accdb Microsoft Access database format. * View table data with paging list * Sort table data by touch on the column header * View table data with detail view (support photo view) (in-app) * Show/Hide database tables * Filter table data on column * Sort table data by touch on the column header * Resizable data column width and saved for each table * Page size can be changed on each Table * Share table data in CSV file format * Copy/Delete/Rename/Share database file * Share Record with photo (in-app) * Open Access database from iTunes shared App Data * Open Access database by copy file from DropBox * Open Access database from email attachment * Big database support, tested on 300MB size database, table rows over 2 million * in-app: Edit Access Database Data, Update/Delete/Add/Clone Data, Create Table * in-app: Export database schema (DDL), support access, mysql,sqlite,oracle,postgresql,sybase. * in-app: QuickLook, row data detail view,share detail records If your database don't have password, but still can't open, it maybe encoded. You can use MS Access feature 'Encode/Decode database' to decode it, then open with our App.

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