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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



See what you cannot see. Detect human figures in real-time using machine learning-driven computer vision. Developed by a team of professional engineers, we believe © Ghost Vision to be the most advanced SLS camera available. © Ghost Vision offers three complementary modes of operation: SLS Utilizing an advanced vision machine learning model, driven by advanced CPU, GPU, and Neural Engine processing, this mode will detect human figures in real-time. Lidar Utilizing this device's LIDAR infrared laser grid scanner, this mode calculates a complex depth-mapped histogram. This information is used to render a depth-driven interpretation of the environment, enabling you to see in complete darkness. *Please note: This mode is only available on devices equipped with the LIDAR sensor. Night Utilizing GPU driven rendering, hardware configuration, and advanced image processing, this mode enhances small amounts of light, enabling you to see in extremely low light conditions.

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