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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



Da Vinci Eye Mural Maker gives anyone the ability create huge drawings and paintings on any surface. Walls, large canvases, buildings, streets, signs, chalkboards, bedrooms... No problem! The app works similar to the original Da Vinci Eye app, and comes with the same great drawing tools, but has one huge difference: the Mural Maker uses TWO iOS devices to virtually project onto walls, large canvases, and tabletops. The first device acts as video camera live-streaming your canvas. The second device, goes in your hand and displays the live feed. The app then puts a transparent image you want to draw on top of the feed. Unlike a projector, Mural Maker lets you accurately compare colors and shades on on your canvas to the reference image as well as letting you trace outlines! - Works outdoors - Works in the daylight - Make HUGE or small artwork - Record a time-lapse of your work - Same great Da Vinci Eye Tools (Breakdown / Strobe / filters)

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