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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



Become more productive this year with two of the best apps available to help you become more organized and to meet your health and fitness goals! Apple Design Award winner 2016 STREAKS The to-do list that helps you form good habits. Track up to six tasks you want to complete every day. Your goal is to build a streak of consecutive days. Streaks works with the Health app to help you achieve your fitness goals. “I've now reduced my coffee intake by 70% with Streaks, something I struggled with for 5 years. It's a life changing app to me.” - Otávio, Chicago. “I was smoking 15 cigarettes each day. Streaks helped me to quit smoking by reducing and then eliminating my daily use.” - Ben, Adelaide. * Featured in Apple's "Best of 2015" apps * Featured in Apple's "Amazing Apps for iPhone" TV advert * Featured on the Apple Watch web site * Preinstalled on demo iPhones in Apple Stores worldwide STREAKS WORKOUT The personal trainer that you actually want to use. Exercise at home, in the park, at the gym, anywhere! You don't need any equipment - you just need a few minutes and a floor.

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