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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



A standalone podcast player for Apple Watch. Leave your phone at home and browse, download and play podcasts while you're on the go. * Search for podcasts directly on your Apple Watch * Download or stream episodes over wi-fi or cellular* * Play podcasts when you have AirPods or compatible Bluetooth headphones/speaker connected. * Create a playlist, so the next episode automatically starts playing, even when the Outcast is in the background. * View episode chapters (for podcasts that support chapters) Additionally, you can: * Browse and manage episodes directly from your phone * Add the complication to your Apple Watch face for real-time progress and full color artwork * Adjust skip forward/backward duration * Adjust playback duration * Export/import your list of podcasts in OPML format Note: Downloading over cellular when not connected to your phone requires cellular Apple Watch and activated data plan. Question? Email [email protected]

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