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Oct, 2022


Oct, 2022



Some call it Trex, others call it Trix, or perhaps even Ticks. In the end, it is a thrilling game of cards that tests your intelligence and tactics with its fun and engaging rules. Features: - iPad support! - iPhone 4 Retina Display support (new) - Single player save - Single Player mode against intelligent bots. - Multiplayer Online mode. Play against the world! Test your skills against other players and prove your worth** + Partnership games online + Text chat with players - Ability to double cards (with credits given to the doubling player) - Ability to choose the Complex contract, which includes all the trick-taking contracts (King, Queens, Slaps, and Diamonds) - Silky smooth graphics (Tested on 3GS) - Supports iOS4 multitasking. For game rules, please check this wikipedia entry: **Note: Multiplayer connects to an existing game server for the Flash version of the game. Search for "Trex" on Facebook for more details. Flash players and iPhone players can play together seamlessly. الميزات: متوافق مع الايباد و الأيفون ٤ حفظ اللعبة لعب فردي لعب جماعي عن طريق الانترنت شراكه او كل واحد بروحه دردشه تدبيل الشيخ والبنات اختيار الكومبلكس للشجاع رسم سلس و سريع عدم اغلاق اللعبة في حال استقبال اتصال (iOS4)

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