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Nov, 2020


Nov, 2020



14 songs with texts written by R. Lindström (1916 – 1973) one of the most outstanding Swedish songwriters of the 20th century on a par with Birger Sjöberg, Nils Ferlin and Evert Taube. This collection includes one of the most famous Swedish evergreens “Visa i midsommartid” (Midsummer song) along with 10 other poems with music. All 14 of the songs on this album were recorded during the 2000s using classical arrangements with melodious music recorded by la crème de la crème of Swedish musicians. The music on this album calms the soul with lyrics that take up different aspects of life. The music is played with the app's built-in music player where you can fast forward, rewind, pause, and stop. See the app for information regarding the writers and musicians involved. Vocals: Tommy Körberg, Vilhelm Ersmark, Meta Roos, Joakim P Lyrics: Rune Lindström, Anton Lindström Music: Håkan Norlén, Anders Börje, Maria Hulthén, Joc Lind, Anton Lindström Publishing: Wasa Music AB, Nordiska Musikförlaget, Tongång Records Labels: Wasa Music AB, Satellite Records/Benneth Fagerlund Musik AB, Tongång Records

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