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Dec, 2022


Dec, 2022



Learning to count for the youngest. Original illustrations from The Mole cartoon! Count with Little Mole is an educational game for the youngest, based on original illustrations by Zdenek Miler – the creator of the Mole character. The app introduces children to the world of numbers in a simple way. It teaches to recognize numbers and to count from 1 to 10. The Mole, a beloved cartoon character which has won the hearts of many generations, accompanies children when they learn how to count. The game is based on a simple mechanism, appropriate for very young children. On each level the child has to drag characters or objects to their destined location. At that point an appropriate number is displayed on the screen and the speaker voice counts “one, two, three…”. Simple stories are presented through each task: you can help the Mole hide from the rain, free fish from a net, gather fruits for the Hedgehog’s basket or strawberries for the Mouse. This game mainly provides plenty of fun with learning in the background. There are no wrong answers, time limits, or competition here. Children pick a number and spend as much time with it as they want to. Thanks to the app, children can learn to count in five languages: English, Czech, Polish, Russian and Chinese. GAME DESCRIPTION: - Original illustrations by Zdenek Miler, creator of the Mole; - Adorable animations with children’s favourite cartoon characters; - Teaching children to count from 1 to 10; - 5 languages; - Attractive graphic design and outstanding audio; - You can count with the child or turn on the speaker voice; - Simple design and gameplay, created for the youngest children; - Parental control.

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