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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



You don’t take photos with Filters. You transform them. Filters has over 800 ways to transform your photographs including: fully adjustable authentic vintage film recreations, hand-painted textures, vibrant colored gel overlays, special multi-effect adjustments, as well as standard image adjustment tools like brightness, contrast, color temperature, exposure and more. FEATURES - Zoom in on your photo while editing to see crisp details - Tap-hold on photo to compare edits with your original photo - Adjust the intensity of every filter to get the perfect look - Live-updating, large filter previews in a smooth, scrolling list - Save your favorite filters for quick access - No need to import photos into a special, in-app library - Simple, distraction-free user interface - Save photos to your Camera Roll or send to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other apps FILTERS Over 500 fully-adjustable filters across five categories: Vintage, Monochromatic, Dramatic, Cool and Warm. Faithful reproductions of vintage film stock processing effects from Canon, Nikon, Leica, Fuji, Sony and others with all filters specially hand-tuned by professional photographers and artists to transform your photographs into incredible showpieces. OVERLAYS Over 300 hand-painted, incredible textured overlays, colored gel overlays and light leak effects that can be applied in one of four blend modes to add stunning drama to your photograph. EFFECTS Fine-tune your photograph's details with precise sliders to adjust Brightness, Contrast, Color Temperature, Exposure and Saturation. Filters also introduces 5 brand new multi-effect adjustments: Shine, Luna, Intimidate, Color Boost and Smart Fade which intelligently assess image color data to let you add drama, vibrancy or the perfect retro look to your photograph.

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