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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



6 languages are available: talk to Dead Dog in English, Spanish, French, Polish, Russian or German! He is the most lively of all dead dogs! Take part in a creepy seance! Using this application, developed by the best medium specialists in contact with the afterlife, call a DEAD DOG's spirit and get ready for the strangest conversation of your life. Be careful! The seance can be dangerous! There is a serious risk that DEAD DOG will like you and not go back to the afterlife and stay with you forever! • More than 30 topics to talk to Dead Dog about! • Funky questions and surprising answers! • A lot of commands for training! • Teach a dead dog new tricks! • Ask about your future! • Collect hidden bones to get some ‘dead cool’ rewards! A great way to pass the time when it's raining cats and dogs! This is a fun mobile app, get into the spirit of things, but remember it's just for fun!

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