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Dec, 2022


Dec, 2022



Thanks to this game you might become an expert in motorcycle repair! You can: buy, sell, auction, collect, fix, improve, upgrade and ride motorcycles. After your bike is fixed you can get it out of garage and take a ride! Don't forget to upgrade your garage! Gain experience and became the best motorcycle mechanic in town! See for yourself how interesting can be a job of motorcycle mechanic: * Perform repairs and gain experience * Buy licenses to repair new motorcycles * Participate in auctions to buy used bikes * Improve your workshop, its equipment, and tools * Choose the most suitable tasks out of many available * Replace or fix damaged bike parts * Finish special tasks and obtain rewards * Test your bikes in real traffic conditions Game features: * 7 basic motorcycles * 2 different workshops and 24 possible upgrades * Over 200 various parts * Private garage * 2 modes of traffic racing * An unlimited number of tasks to complete * An unlimited number of special tasks Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator is a must-play game for all fans of motorcycles.

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