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Dec, 2022


Dec, 2022



Post long videos to Stories, Snapshot covers for REELs, and Add voiceover titles! Now you don't have to squeeze your stories to 15 seconds. Don't get cut off in the middle of you talking to your followers. Talk and record as long as you want, Upload* it all Continual will take any video from camera roll and split it to short clips of 15 seconds, and saves them to the camera roll, so that you can upload them to IG Stories effortlessly. A must have utility, if you promote your business, personal brand through Stories. FEATURES: + Output videos in Highest Quality Possible + Cut stories for Insta, Fb or WhatsApp stories, at 15sec., 20 sec. & 1min clip lengths. Updated to suit latest story versions. + Slice by a custom length + Slice for Twitter Fleets or Youtube Shorts + Record straight from the app and Split to clips immediately. Save the long video to Camera roll as well. + No-Crop options: Make videos fit to screen or Fill the story in portrait. or just keep original size + Numbering videos saved to camera roll to help you post easily (for fb & WhatsApp ) Continual Frame-By-Frame Player: + Capture Cover photos for your Reels from your videos: Watch a video frame by frame and snap the hottest frame. + Capture perfect pictures from your videos: Did you know that some of your best poses could be in your videos? Snap them and upload to instagram. + Play a specific part of a video in loop: perfect for practicing dance moves for reels or tiktoks + Play in super slow motion 0.1x 0.5 or 2x speed Introducing Voiceovers: + Add human-like AI generated voice titles your videos! ** + in 50+ Languages: English (en-US) : 21 voices , (en-GB) : 12 voices, (en-AU) : 10 voices, (en-IN) : 8 voices Arabic (ar-XA) : 8 voices Bangla (bn-IN) : 4 voices French (fr-CA) : 8 voices Spanish (es-ES) : 7 voices Finnish (fi-FI) : 2 voices Gujarati (gu-IN) : 4 voices Japanese (ja-JP) : 8 voices Kannada (kn-IN) : 4 voices Malayalam (ml-IN) : 4 voices Swedish (sv-SE) : 10 voices Tamil (ta-IN) : 8 voices Turkish (tr-TR) : 10 voices Malay (ms-MY) : 8 voices Punjabi (pa-IN) : 8 voices Czech (cs-CZ) : 2 voices German (de-DE) : 12 voices Spanish (es-US) : 8 voices French (fr-FR) : 10 voices Hindi (hi-IN) : 8 voices Indonesian (id-ID) : 8 voices Italian (it-IT) : 8 voices Korean (ko-KR) : 8 voices Russian (ru-RU) : 10 voices Ukrainian (uk-UA) : 2 voices Chinese (cmn-CN) : 8 voices Chinese (cmn-TW) : 6 voices Danish (da-DK) : 8 voices Greek (el-GR) : 2 voices Filipino (fil-PH) : 8 voices Hungarian (hu-HU) : 2 voices Norwegian Bokmål (nb-NO) : 10 voices Dutch (nl-BE) : 4 voices Dutch (nl-NL) : 10 voices Portuguese (pt-PT) : 8 voices Slovak (sk-SK) : 2 voices Vietnamese (vi-VN) : 8 voices Polish (pl-PL) : 10 voices Portuguese (pt-BR) : 6 voices Romanian (ro-RO) : 2 voices Catalan (ca-ES) : 1 voices Cantonese (yue-HK) : 4 voices Afrikaans (af-ZA) : 1 voices Bulgarian (bg-BG) : 1 voices Latvian (lv-LV) : 1 voices Serbian (sr-RS) : 1 voices Thai (th-TH) : 1 voices Telugu (te-IN) : 2 voices Icelandic (is-IS) : 1 voices ......More voices and languages will be added. ADDITIONAL FEATURES: + No Ads - (We hate 'em). + Contact support in 2 taps - Email directly to developer's inbox + Frequent updates and new features Brought to you by Experts in Instagram Tools Since 2013 *Continual App does not directly upload videos to instagram, facebook or whatsApp. It saves the videos to the camera roll so that user can upload it easily in correct order. - Continual App is in no way associated with or endorsed by Meta.Inc. - Make sure you have enough free space on your device for video clips to be saved. (usually 2 times the file size of the input video is enough) ** Voiceover feature is paid separately with In-App purchases per text-to-speech characters count. App Preview Music Credits: Menehune Dance by James Pants:

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