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Nov, 2020



Simply the best Georgian Keyboard App on the AppStore for iOS 8 and 9 from Lemondo Business. Download it for free and enjoy typing with Georgian letters :) For the best experience we've included the video guide in the app. This will make the setup process easier for users. After downloading the app go to: Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard > and choose Georgian Keyboard, Tap newly added Georgian Keyboard and switch to Allow Full Access in order to use all the features offered by Georgian Keyboard ™. The app has it’s own settings. From there you can simply change the click sounds and keyboard designs. !!! New feature added!!! Now Also you can add frequently typed info (such are Bank Account, E-mail addresses, Person ID's and etc.) and insert them easily right from the keyboard. We work hard to keep up with new updates to deliver new features. Enjoy typing with Georgian letters :) P.S. Don’t delete the app, otherwise the keyboard will be deleted as well.

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