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Dec, 2022


Dec, 2022



The all-new, awesomely redesigned UberSocial. Everything you expect from UberSocial and everything you could want from your Twitter app. UberSocial has been rebuilt from the ground up for iPhone. Powerful yet simple to use, UberSocial (formerly known as UberTwitter) sets the standard for performance and functionality. UberSocial reinvents the mobile Twitter experience with these EXCLUSIVE features: NEXT GENERATION INTERFACE - Say hello to the UberBar…a movable, hide-able menu that puts all functionality at your fingertips. - Also joining the party are the all-new UberTabs...compose a Tweet or view your notifications with just 1-click. - Now you can swipe your way through all of your UberSocial screens with a flick of your thumb. RICH MEDIA TIMELINE - With LiveLinks, all URLs, @usernames and #hashtags are directly clickable on your timeline…no more clicking through multiple screens. - Photos and other images look amazing right in the timeline and can auto-expand with just one click. - Play YouTube videos directly within your timeline! ADVANCED TWEET COMPOSER - Tweet your “Now Playing” or your last photo taken with all new shortcuts. - Experience the familiar UberSocial friend and hashtag pickers, brand new to iPhone. - Have some fun by selecting from dozens of emoticons right from the compose screen! - Cross-post to Facebook with just one-click. OTHER INNOVATIONS - Looking just for rich media…check out the Picture Stream. - Follow a select group of friends in your custom Inner Circle. - Automatically send tweets over 280 characters with our built-in tweet extender. AND THAT’S NOT ALL - Easily connect to and switch between multiple Twitter accounts. - Turn your volume up and enjoy our all-new sound effects. - Easily surf the Twitter-verse with our advanced search and trending screens. - Manage and edit your profile. For more information about UberSocial, please visit:

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